Royal Faluda

Royal Falooda

A dessert that will not only satisfy your soul this summer but one can also feel the royalness in every bite of it. It is juicy,crunchy and tasty. Having a history linked back to the Mughal dynasties and merchants, this luscious dessert now enjoyed by all. Why not making a glass of falooda this Ramadan! Our guest food blogger, Nayana has come up with a simple recipe of Falooda, check this out!
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Falooda sev or vermicelli—1/2 cup
Milk—–2 cups
Rose essence—few drops
Chilled milk—1 cup
Sabja seeds—-1 tbsp
Water—1 cup
Sugar—ac to taste or ¼ cup Rooh afza sugar syrup—-2 tbsp(can use any brand)
Strawberry jelly—-4 tbsp
Mixed fruits—-Banana,mango,chikku—4 tbsp
Chopped nuts—-1tbsp
Dry fruits chopped—1 tbsp
Kulfi ice cream—4 scoops
Royal Faluda
METHOD 1.In a pan roast 1/2 cups of vermicelli or falooda sev(rice noodles)in low flame, till pale golden brown, add 2 cups of milk and cook the vermicelli becomes soft, Stirring often.
2. Now add ¼ cup sugar, cook till the mixture is thickened slightly.
3.Switch off the gas, once it cools down to room temperature,keep it in the fridge, let it cool and chill. Add little chilled milk and rose essence.
4.Soak the falooda seeds or sabja seeds in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes, drain the excess water.
5.Chop all the chilled fruits in to fine pieces.
6. Prepare jelly according to the packet instructions.
7. Chop the nuts and dry fruits.
SERVING: Take a tall falooda glass. Add 2 tbsp(or as required)of rose syrup(roohafza)in the bottom, then add 2 tbsp of soaked sabja seeds on top of the rose syrup Add cooked vermicelli mixture and chopped fruits and nuts, Strawberry jelly on top of one another. Finally add 2 scoops of kulfi ice cream and decorate with cherry or rose petal or with jelly. Chilled royal falooda is to serve to beat the summer heat! Vanilla ice cream also goes well with falooda.
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