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11 Romantic Bollywood Singers that Lives in the heart of Indians

Romance and Bollywood: Top most romantic singers

Bollywood has always given us timeless memories, be it in the form of films, actors or songs. Time and again it has gifted us with wonderful soul touching songs and singers who went down to become immortal for their talent. Today, we give you the best of the artistes that Bollywood has given to us, who touched our hearts with their soulful melodies and have become immortal on the sheer ability of their talent.

  • Lata Mangeshkar
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Lata Mangeshkar

Known as the Nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar is a living legend that Bollywood has given us. Popularly known as ‘Lata didi’, her mesmerizing voice just seems to fit all artists with ease. It is said that she has sung songs in more than 36 languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Telugu. Her songs like

Lag ja gale,

Aap ki nazron ne samjha,

Dil deewana bin sajna ke,

Jiya jale, jaan jale,

went on to become evergreen which the masses will remember and sing for years to come.


  • Asha Bhosale
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Asha Bhonsle

Lata Mangeshkar’s sister, Asha Bhosale, is another living legend who had and still taking the Indian people by surprise with her magnetic performances. She holds the Guinness World record as the most recorded artist in Indian music history with over 12,000 songs. Just like her elder sister, even she has sung in more than 20 languages in her career span which is still active. Songs like

chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko,

tumse milke aisa laga,

aao huzoor tumko,

aao na gale lagao na,

has made her one of India’s favorite playback singers. She continues to surprise us with her voice and sheer talent which is unmatched with anyone else in the world.


  • Rafi
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Mohd Rafi

Mohd. Rafi or Rafi saab as he was dearly called, was one of the greatest singers India has ever seen. Rafi saab, throughout his career had lent his voice to numerous romantic songs. Songs like

Ye reshmi zulfein,

Kya hua tera wada,

Baharo phool barsao,

Yuhi tum mujhse baat karti ho,

went on to become timeless classics with his sheer talent. He was undoubtedly one of the most melodious singers India has had.


  • Kishore Kumar
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Kishore Kumar

With absolutely no formal training in vocals or music, Kishore da took the music industry by storm. He was one of the most versatile singers in the industry and could sing in both male and female voices. Songs like

Pal pal dil ke paas,

Dilbar mere,

Pyaar dewana hota hai,

Raat kali ek khwaab mein ayi,

Aane wala pal

are even heard today by millions of Indians.


  • Mukesh
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta


Mukesh was yet another genius that Bollywood gave to us. His songs were melodious and instantly touched everyone’s hearts. Few evergreen songs that Mukesh lent his voice to are

Chandan sa badan,

Ek pyaar ka nagma hai,

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein,



  • Kumar Sanu
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Kumar Sanu

The 90’s saw the rise of Kumar Sanu, the king of romance. With more than 18,000 songs in 22 languages in his kitty, Kumar Sanu is one of the most famous playback singers in India. Songs like

Chaha to bohot,

Tere dar par sanam,

Tu meri zindagi hai,

Humko sirf tumse pyaar hai,

Tujhe na dekhu to chain

are on the favorites list of people even today.


  • Udit Narayan
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Udit Narayan

Udit Narayan is another prominent Bollywood singer throughout the 1990’s. He has sung more than 25,000 songs in 31 languages including Hindi. Some of his romantic numbers are

Wada raha pyaar se pyaar ka,

Tumsa koi payara koi masoom,

Dil to pagal hai

and many more. He has won several awards too for his outstanding work in the music sphere.


  • Alka Yagnik
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    alka yagnik

Alka Yagnik was the most popular female lead singer in the 90’s. If it is a romantic number, it must be in Alka Yagnik’s voice. She was the queen of romance back in the day. Songs like

Tu mile, dil khile,

Gali mein aaj chaand,

Wada raha sanam,

Chura ke dil mera,


are a few of the most popular songs. She was the most prominent voice of Bollywood heroines in the 90’s.


  • Shreya Ghoshal
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Shreya Ghosal

Shreya Ghoshal is the queen of melody. She started singing professionally at the tender age of 16 and is enormously successful. She has sung hundreds of romantic songs and is the voice of new age actors today. Songs like

Manwa laage,

Sun raha hai na tu,

Jadu hai nasha hai,

Silsila ye chahat ka,

Agar tum mil jao,

has made her enormously popular among the youth. She is the only singer who has a day (26 June 2010) dedicated to her name in the state of Ohio, United States.


  • Sonu Nigam
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam has given us numerous romantic songs which we prefer listening to no matter what time of the day it is. Songs like

Aisa deewana,

Do pal ki,

Suraj hua maddham,

Ab mujhe raat din,

is on the playlists of every Bollywood song lover.


  • Arijit Singh
    Indian Singers, BananiVissta

    Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh has taken the country by storm with his soulful songs. The ease with which he sings romantic numbers with feelings, no one else can. His songs like

Hamari adhuri kahani,

Main phir bhi tumko,

Main tenu samjhawan ki,

Enna sona,

Muskurane ki wajah,

Tum hi ho,

could not have been sung by any other singer in a better way. As of today, if you think romantic, think Arijit Singh.

So, there you go people, Bollywood singers who have mastered the art of singing romantic songs. Choose your artists and download as many songs as you want. We assure you, they are all as good as it can get – Romanticism at its best…!!

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