Reader’s Cafe: The Place Where Books & Food Meet

A Hidden Gem For Bibliophiles And Gluttons

Calling out to all bookworms in the city, here’s a special book cafe just for you! The Reader’s Cafe is Ghaziabad’s first ever book theme café.
Winner of “Radio City Icon Award 2018”  and “The best regional Cafe in North India for the year 2018” by the Restaurant India Awards,  The Readers cafe in Indirapuram is a perfect adobe for book lovers and a paradise for gluttons.
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Located on the first floor in Indirapuram Habitat Centre, the book cafe is an eclectic mix of good food, pretty interiors and racks upon racks of books. It’s a cosy cafe with wooden interiors and tons of books adorning one of the walls. They’ve got a massive collection of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction, reference as well as exam-prep books along with a huge collection of classics, and mainstream books. The variety of books available here is amazing. Also, they have a lot of things that you wouldn’t find outside – such as a few of the old Phantom comics, and a book exclusively dedicated to the Porsche 911 GT3. Look out for a lot of Wodehouse, Sparks, Rick Riordan and many many other authors. Plus, they have a small ladder for midgets who can’t get to the top shelf without bringing the whole place down.
Here’s the main point – it’s a bookstore cum library, cum café. So at Reader’s Cafe, you can buy a book or pick up any book from their borrowing section for as long as you’re in the café, order a coffee and forget a world exists outside the door of this café
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It has a peaceful and soothing environment where one can enjoy their day away from the humdrum of the city. The cafe is divided into two segments wherein one section you can satisfy your food cravings and in another, you can titillate your reading buds. 
The Readers cafe is just the perfect spot to hit when you need to drown out the world as you dive deep into your favourite reads and snack on mouth-watering pasta and pizzas. We say either bring your own book or grab one from their shelves. Then, proceed to order their coffee and muffins, start reading and tune out the outside world.
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The café promises a wholesome experience of reading while eating and surely marks a special day down the memory lane. The menu is not constrained to just regular quick bites but offers refreshing drinks and scrumptious European food. Though the café might be a little expensive, it’s good and it’s got a modest menu. Little muffins, a coffee here or there, or a slice of the cheesecake and you’re good to go. 
The café’s vibe is self-explanatory as to why it is the go-to place for mental peace and mouthwatering food. Standing strong since 2016, it has put a smile over many faces.
So if books are your BFFs, and food is your weakness, then you have to head on over to The Readers Café.
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