Ramzan Feast at Slurp Studio

As soon as I entered the place, my senses were awakened and trembled with expectation. This was on account of nothing else than the divine smell of the Mutton seek kebab and Murgh Mushakal. That day, Slurp presented a different face to its guests, which was plainly apparent from the decorated Iftar party ambiance.

My happiness knew no bounds when I learned about this party and as a hearty eater, I was all set to satiate and treat my taste buds with all manner of undefined tastes made available here. All round us the kind people at Slurp were engaged in activities, some were preparing the seek kebabs ready to go over the flame and some seemed to be engaged in endless conversations, armed with little 
bowls of Haleem.

With Chef Sarabjeet

With Chef Sarabjeet


“Haleem”, the very word got my tastebuds excited and a bowl full of chicken haleem duly set the ball rolling for my splendid Ramzan feast. Sarabjeet served me this authentic dish, and I was interested in learning that it was slow-cooked for two days to arrive at its creamy and blissful texture, which is then garnished with deep fried onions and mint leaves. The moment it went to my mouth, I felt as if all my senses had opened their doors with excitement to joyously welcome my “Haleem”. This dish’s tinge of ghee and that bit of tanginess added to the flavor and completed this heightened experience.

It was now the juicy seek kabab’s turn which was blended with different Indian spices and served with chopped onions, to captivate my tastebuds. Unsurprisingly, the kababs were hot and tasted delicious. 

Next on the menu was the  “Murgh Mushakal”, one of my friends ordered this and it was an absolute delight.The seek kebabs done with, one of Sarabjeet’s peers came over with a plate which was filled with lamb chops, called “Pathar ka Ghosh” and served with saveeya (thin rice noodles) and bread. The lamb chops were infused with green juice and were soft and tender. I reckon it combines beautifully with bread and the rice noodles.

No Iftar party will be complete without crispy puffs and Slurp had two varieties of the said delicious puffs viz, Butter chicken puff and Bheja puff. While the Butter chicken puff was crisp, the Bheja puff which contains goat’s brain tasted truly amazing. I couldn’t resist ordering another two pieces of each.

Now, it was time to shift gears and settle in for something sweet. You guessed it, it was time for the desserts. And Slurp provided two authentic sweet dishes, i.e.,“Gil-e- firdus” and “Ande ki Mithai”. “Gil-e-firdus”, a unique type of kheer which was reserved only for the King and the Queen, was prepared with rice flour and pineapple pieces, and it had my heart aflutter. The “Ande ki Mithai” on the other had was a perfect blend of flavors. It was soft and firmly established itself as one of the best sweets I have ever tasted. 

I was left completely mesmerized by the hospitality and great food that Slurp had on offer, they absolutely made my Iftar party one I wouldn’t forget very quickly. My Iftar party complete, I bid goodbye hoping for another grand celebration with Slurp, sometime in the near future.


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