5 tips how you can enjoy Ramzaan days and gear up for the auspicious Eid.

Wishes for Ramzaan!

Wishes for Ramzaan!


The holy month of Ramzaan has begun this Friday evening. The Muslim community gets filled with enthusiasm, observes fast from sunrise to sunset and partake in nightly feasts. Here are 5 tips how you can enjoy these Ramzaan days and gear up for the auspicious Eid.

  •  Use your smartphone to understand Quranic verses: During Ramzaan, where people are busy in completing the verses of the holy book, Quran, why not understand and try practicing them. Nowadays, it becomes easy to understand with the help of smartphones. There are many videos uploaded by renowned scholars who simplify those verses and make us understand them. You can listen to those verses at your own pace.


  • Break your fast in a different way: Why breaking your day long fasts only with family members? Ramzaan, being a community festival also allows different people of other religion or casts to come together spreading the message of brotherhood. Call up your colleagues, friends, neighbors who are not from Muslim community while breaking your fast. One can also visit a mosque and break their fasts with various people hailing from different strata of society.
    Ramzaan Mubarak!

    Ramzaan Mubarak!


  • Performing your terawih prayers by yourself: If you want your own time someday, then go for it. You can excuse yourself one day by not rushing and following a crowd to the mosque and performing your prayers at your own convenience.


  • Make your weekends special by volunteering: Don’t spend your Ramzaan weekends just by lazing around. Volunteer yourself for services at a nearby mosque as the mosque will be filled with many devotees. Help in serving food, preparing it or other similar holy activities.


  • Prepare for the big day: Ramzaan are the best days to prepare for the upcoming auspicious day, Eid al-Fitr. Make a list you would like to do before the big day arrives. This will not only give us an extra energy to be in the festive mood but also helps in skimming the exhaustion of working and performing activities for Eid all at once.

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