Camel at Pushkar Mela

7 special reasons to be at the Pushkar Fair

The ship of the desert, the camel has earned a huge fair for itself. The colourful and calm Pushkar located in the beautiful city Ajmer, Rajasthan, experiences an annual camel fair. What makes the Pushkar Fair 2017 distinct, is that it is the only one of its form in the entire world. The celebration takes place in the auspicious month of Kartika and continues and concludes by Poornima (full moon). There are endless reasons to be at the festival but have narrowed down it to the most lucrative ones for you.


Experience the beauty and essence of Rajasthan

One can see humongous stalls, gorgeously decorated camels, the starlit sky, colorful tents spread across Pushkar fields and much more.


Decorated Camel

Decorated Camel


For the love of vast hot air balloons

One of the most exciting activities offered that you surely would not want to miss at the Pushkar Fair is the hot air balloon ride. While floating in the sky you can see the vibrant happenings.


Need I say more

Need I say more


Be a spectator to massive livestock

Herders and nomads from all across the country gather all around the holy Pushkar Lake in order to buy and sell the livestock. Without any doubt, this is truly a sight you would not want to miss.


The livestock at the Fair

The livestock at the Fair


Be a part of some uncanny competitions

The thick long moustaches can be seen all across Rajasthan. However, you can see interesting competitions around these perfectly maintained moustaches. The matka phod, tug of war, fastest turban tying are the ones that increase the liveliness of the Pushkar Mela history.


The breathtaking moustache

The breathtaking moustache


Cherish the long lasting flavor of Rajasthan

From dal baati churma to bajra roti, from Pyaaz kachori to Mirchi Bada you will have so much to satisfy your taste buds. Just carry some digestive aids with you as there is a high probability of overeating the delicious food offered at the fair.


Tempting, isnt it?

Tempting, isn’t it?


The divine ambiance

Being a highly auspicious time of the year, you would get an opportunity to see a lot of Hindu saints performing sacred rituals in the Brahma temple and taking a dip in the holy Pushkar Rajasthan Lake.


The Holy Lake

The Holy Lake


The detail of the Pushkar Fair:

Date: Sat, 28th Oct to Sat.4th Nov

Where: Pushkar, Ajmer, Rajasthan


Don’t miss your chance to witness the beauty of the lovely fair this year.

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