12 Reasons You Need To Consider Before Buying Pets!


Pets are the best friends!

Pets are the best friends!


Buying a pet seems one of the most confusing decisions in the majority of Indian households. Often there happen long discussions among the family members about the Pros and Cons of buying a pet.


Here is a list of the advantages and the disadvantages of owning a pet:



  • You never feel lonely at home even when you are alone. The barks, chirps, mews or movements in the fish tank always accompany you.
  • Your children have a good company to play with.
  • Dogs are faithful and provide safety; birds, rabbits, and cats are cute while the fishes and turtles are said to be auspicious.
    Wake up at the chirping of birds.

    Wake up at the chirping of birds.


  • They disappear all your worries and sadness within few seconds.
  • They bring in the owners a sense of responsibility, care, concern, and sharing.
  • They fill you with positivity and it is proven that pets are the best to remove depression.



  • You may feed them with special food or with the food cooked at your home but it is an additional burden to the household expenses.
  • Dogs need to go for a walk; fish tanks and bird cages are to be cleaned at regular intervals- Both time and effort required.
    Fish tanks need to be cleaned.

    Fish tanks need to be cleaned.


  • They create a mess in your home at times- leaving fur on the carpets and sofa, dragging your shoes everywhere or eating vegetables from the basket just to seek your attention.
  • Their bodies are delicate and may fall ill more often than you demanding your time and medicines.
  • You cannot go out on a long holiday unless you hand them to a responsible person.
  • Apart from a tortoise, pets have a lesser life than you so you will often have to feel sad while saying a final goodbye to them.


They may be a friend but are a responsibility as well. Think wisely before buying a pet.

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