Break free from your insecurities!

4 Insecurities You Need to Shed Off in 2018!

“Insecurity kills all that is beautiful”. – Demi Lovato


Have you ever feel something beautiful inside you if you were insecure?

Have you ever thought that you are not good enough?

Have you clipped the wings of your dreams just because you could not believe in yourself?


Well, many of us might not admit it, but we have been insecure so many times and often find it difficult to overcome insecurities. Thoughts like ‘am I good enough’, ‘will I be able to do it’, ‘I am not as good as them’, ‘I think I will fail, ‘She is better than me’, etc. cloud our minds in this age of competition and fast-paced lifestyle. Competition, challenges, struggles, failure is good, but as long as they boost your self-confidence rather than fueling your insecurities.


Insecurities make us weak

Insecurities make us weak


Have you ever wondered about the root causes of insecurities? I believe it is WITHIN US rather than something external. It is about our feelings, emotions, and belief which gets triggered by external forces.


‘I think I am fat, but when someone else says this to me, it hurts and I start body shaming myself. But, I fail to see that fat can be beautiful too.’


‘I think she did it better than me, and when the scoreboard agrees, I start feeling that I am not good at all. But, I fail to see the effort I put in and learning I got which I can share with someone else.’


Yes, opportunities are limited and so are your chances, but you cannot excel in everything, every time. So, it is better to take this as a learning to do better next time than to feel insecure.


As we enter the New Year, let’s take this opportunity to shed and overcome insecurities that have been holding you back, pulling you down and hurting your self-worth.


4 insecurities you need to let go and how to overcome insecurities that hurt you the most:


I am not good enough: We all feel this at some point in life. But, to engrave this in your heart is not the right thing to do. We develop this feeling when we fail and when we compare and contrast.


The best way to get over this insecurity is to stop comparing yourself with others and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. You are good enough because you tried and learnt how to do it better. We look for assurance from others, rather look for encouragement from within.

I am not good enough

I am not good enough


I do not look good: Physical beauty has nothing to do with success, achievement, and happiness. We tend to relate the two but that is a big fallacy. We start feeling demotivated when we see someone more beautiful, fairer or slimmer but these are only references.


So, stop body shaming yourself and explore yourself to see things that are beautiful within you, things that you are capable of. Physical beauty is no match in front of your mental abilities and confidence.


I am not beautiful

I am not beautiful


They are better than me: ‘They’ can be better than you, but are some things in which you are the ‘best’. Comparing with others starts giving you an inferiority complex, which leads to insecurities.


It is better to compare but in a healthy way to learn something. So, look for things what they did better and try to incorporate them in your work. But, always remember, what you do in your own capabilities is the best of you.


'They' are better than me

‘They’ are better than me


I am not made for this: So many times, we feel that we are ‘not made for this’. But, that does not mean that it is not worth trying. If you feel that you can do it, and but pulling yourself back because of your insecurities, then you are wrong.


There is no harm in trying, so if there is something you really wanted to do, give it a thought this year. Even if you do not succeed, you will always know in your heart that you tried and never gave up on your dreams.


I do not belong here

I do not belong here


Insecurities make you weak, they are painful, they can be devastating and they can lead you to chronic depression. And finally, you do not just lose yourself, you lose everyone.


So, you know why you need to overcome insecurities in a positive and healthy way. I know it is difficult, but you GOTTA DO IT, one little step at a time. Do not kill something beautiful because of your insecurities.


BananiVista wishes that the New Year brings success, prosperity and gives you the strength to overcome your insecurities to bring out the best in you.

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