Rapid Fire with Nutritionist Shikha A.Sharma

Dieting, eating nutritious food sounds unexciting to most of us, isn’t it? However, what if there is an amazing someone who can make you diet without making you crave for delicious food? Meet Shikha A. Sharma the nutritionist who can be a real guiding light for you if you wish to stay healthy while losing or gaining weight. An extremely energetic individual, she deals with her clients with so much love and affection. Shikha ensures that they do not lose their health while losing weight. She believes everybody is unique; hence the diet should be customized as per the needs and the lifestyle of the individual.


I am glad to have met this charming and kind nutritionist. I did not miss a chance to ask few important questions and have the answers to them from the horse’s mouth.


Diet programs often say you should eat slowly. Does this really help in weight loss?

Yes, it helps in better digestion which is highly favorable while losing weight.


Don't eat this fast

Don’t eat this fast


How can one figure out the amount of calories to be consumed?


1000 if losing at fast pace

1500 if losing steadily

1800 while maintaining



1500 if losing at fast pace

1800 if losing steadily

2000 while maintaining


Is it hard to lose weight each time you gain it back?

Yes, if you try and lose weight without proper guidance.


How can one control the craving desires?

By keeping your stomach full with tasty and nutritious food.


Are carbs unhealthy and lead to weight gain?

It’s a myth as carbs have always been a vital part of our diet since childhood. Just that we should know what carbohydrates to consume.


Yummy nutritious Carbohydrate

Yummy nutritious Carbohydrate


Is it true that eating after 8 pm increases the body weight?

Absolutely not. Even if it helps you lose weight you will gain it back soon as and when we get back to our normal routine. So it’s best to diet in a way which your body is accustomed.


Are diet pills and diet supplements regulated?

This is a sure shot no. Losing weight artificially can harm any organ or even your skin. So be wise enough not to harm your body.


Does eradicating sugar from my diet help in losing the extra pounds?

Yes, it does. In fact, it also helps your skin get better.


Any tip for a healthy living?

Avoid Junk food as much as possible. Eat healthy rather than stuffing yourself with Pizza, Maggi or burgers etc.


Avoid Junk Food

Avoid Junk Food


Wish you all a healthy body!!

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