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A Conversation With The Talented Nutritionist Mehak Bansal

Apart from thinking about how to keep your little one healthy, the only thing that rules the subconscious is, how to get back in shape. Well, meet the mom of a toddler and also a well known nutritionist, Mehak  Bansal, who fancied the same and achieved too with a lot of earnestness put into everyday of her journey of nutrition and transformation.


Indeed a healthy transformation

Indeed a healthy transformation


BV: Tell us about your commendable journey from a 100 plus to a 50 plus Kilos, in other words, the journey of transformation.

Mehak: Well, this is a question, I never get tired answering despite being asked infinite times. From a 107 kilos obese to an absolute fit mother weighing 60 kilos, it was an amazing journey.  It all started when I looked at myself in the mirror few months after I delivered. Being a nursing mother, it looked tough to me to come back in shape so soon but, here I am. With a balanced diet and normal playtime with my little one, I have reached a stage which probably I had only imagined. I was determined and forgot about all the cravings, however, kept in mind that nutrition is the most important thing for a human body. Therefore, I created a nutritious diet for myself and kept on losing weight. Today, I am feeling great when I am able to hop, run and play freely with my son. Had I been still overweight, I wouldn’t have imagined a happy play time with him.


BV: What’s your take on quick weight loss?

Mehak:  It’s a strict no for me being a nutritionist. Though, I do believe in taking detox diets once in a while, however, I believe losing weight can’t be an overnight thing. You have to be patient if you want a healthy body while losing weight as you can’t just let go of the nutrition that is required. There are times when clients need to lose weight in a short span of time; I ensure that I give them a highly nutritious diet so that they do not end up with any deficiencies.


Mehak Bansal

Mehak Bansal


BV: Can PCOD and Thyroid be controlled through diet?

Mehak: It surely can. The prime reason for such imbalances is being overweight. It is very common for people facing these problems being asked to get rid of the extra weight. Therefore, it’s quite right that right kind of diet can help you getting the imbalance cured to an extent.However, medical guidance would take the lead once you lose the required weight.


BV: Share some tips to have fitter and healthier pregnancy

Mehak: Well, I would be delighted to as I understand how important it is to have a healthy pregnancy for one to enjoy it thoroughly. Though there can be some rough patches too however, you will sail it through if you are committed to stay fit even during your pregnancy rather than just taking advantage of being pregnant and just munching on junk food.


You might want to consider trying these simple yet healthy tips to keep your health and energy high at all times:

  • At least 3-4 portions of fruit in a day. It should be taken during morning or afternoon
  • Take soaked nuts and low fat dairy products in moderate quantities
  • If your gynae has suggested for no walk or exercise, only then avoid. Else, you should walk and maintain a to have a healthy pregnancy.


BV: Some fitness secrets for new mothers being a nutritionist and a mother?

Mehak: Gone are the days when it was said and believed that a lactating mother cannot loose weight with the help of a regular diet. In fact, if you consult a nutritionist during the nursing period, you are not just going to take a better diet but also going to bless your child with phenomenal nutrition through you. And, a diet won’t alone do you wonders as your stress levels are very high too. Therefore, consider taking small walk probably with your little one in a stroller, its going to be a great time spent together and you would look forward to it everyday. All you need to remember is, just keep your spirits high and stay determined, rest all shall fall into place.


Stay determined

Stay determined


BV: A quote you live by.

Mehak: I always believe in putting my 100 percent in whatever I do. Therefore, the following quote by Swami Sivananda is very close to my heart.


” Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success”


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