Music has a special place in the Northeastern culture – 6 NE Bands You Ought to Hear!

Northeastern Music Bands who have created a niche for themselves


Music is an integral part of our culture and heritage. Different parts of India are enriched with different forms and variety of sounds. From solo performers to musical bands, from musical instruments to unique tunes, we have seen many maestros and stalwarts in the magical world of rhythm.


In this article, we are going to talk about a few music bands from a region of India, which has a thriving musical culture for ages. Northeastern India has given us many musical sensations and has been experimenting with different forms of music. The genre which has flourished the most across the country due to their creative appreciation is Rock music. Their rich sense of the chords and soulful vocals has taken rock music in the country to a new level. They sing for the love of music, they sing for the masses, and they sing out of passion. And, when love, passion, and appeal blend together, the outcome has been overwhelming.

Shades of Retribution from Assam

Shades of Retribution from Assam


Such is their love and dedication that Shillong is now known as the ‘Rock Capital of India’. They also have various festivals to celebrate music like the Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh and the Hornbill festivals of Nagaland.

Let’s take the plunge into the world of chords and tunes and listen to these extraordinary Northeastern Bands, who have taken rock music and rhythm-and-blues to another level.


Soulmate: Originating from the land of Meghalaya, this band was started by guitarist, Rudy Wallang and vocalist, Tipriti Kharbangar. They are also known for their representation in the International arena. Their heart-wrenching songs are not just addictive but profuse.


Divine Connection: Created in 2004, this band and its members have won many accolades across the globe. They have experimented with almost everything from blues, jazz to punk and rock. They have held concerts all across the country and even won the MTV Rock On contest in 2010. Here is the video from the event:


Purple Fusion: This is a relatively new band from Nagaland formed in 2012. Apart from English, they have a wide range of songs in the traditional Naga language and folk music from other parts of the world. They love blending ethnic tunes with western genres like jazz, reggae, rock, etc. Here is their video from the Naga Fest.


Abiogenesis: This folk-fusion band from Dimapur are the inventors of Howey Music. They are known for creating music by mixing tribal tunes with modern musical pieces. Their tunes are enchanting, exotic and full of rhythm and life. You cannot move on without listening to one.


Lucid Recess: This band of two brothers from Assam won the Toto Award for Music in 2011. They are one of the best metal bands in the country with a universal appeal. They thrive on more rebellious tunes on drums and guitars. Lucid Recess has received a lot of appreciation in the industry at large. You gotta enjoy one of their pieces.


Girish and The Chronicles: Girish Pradhan, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter from Sikkim started this band, which has now a huge fan following across the globe. Their work is highly influenced by rock legends like Led Zeppelin, ACDC, and others. You gotta listen to the video below to know why they are so popular. Girish is known to play the best pipes in the country. GATC performs at live shows and the crowd enjoys every bit of them.

Hope you enjoyed knowing about them and listening to their melodies. They have created a mark for themselves, not only locally, but both on the national and international stage.


The cultural heritage of any country, region or clan is incomplete without its mesmerizing musical legacies. Though we might not be well informed, but the Northeastern part of our country has always excelled in musical exuberance.


We love these bands for the amazing and original tracks they create, and there are many more budding artists and bands, who need your love and support.


So, listen to their music and enjoy, share their story, promote them, and help them become the music sensations of tomorrow because they truly deserve that. Read about some of the stalwarts who have revolutionized the Northeastern cultural scenario.


Just to add that if you are an ardent music lover, also check out some of the music festivals in the country which simply cannot miss.

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