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Sleep Rejuvenates And Gifts Deep Rest

Sleep Rejuvenates And Gifts Deep Rest


As a new mum if I could snoop and pry to know what made my baby cry. Yes! It is so baffling when the baby whimpers just because she feels like. I wish nature had some folded chits for mums with  magical tricks to keep challenges at bay and make motherhood a journey to make hay.


It was my mum’s visit that made me realise that the challenges were nothing but my noisy disposition and inner inhibitions and over a period of time motherhood became a joy ride.  Let’s look at simple ways to stall stress.


Wisdom Of Grandma Helps To Understand Baby

Wisdom Of Grandma Helps To Understand Baby


Be Natural And Take It Easy

There are short cuts to meals and power naps in place of leisurely sleep. All you need to know is that a little someone needs you to communicate with smiles and not frowns. Listen to cute sounds and shrill cries to understand what the baby likes and dislikes.


Practise Yoga And Meditation

Join a mum group for Yoga and meditation and take your baby along. Yoga and meditation give us a magic wand to take care of physical as well as mental health.


Yoga Helps To Restore Energy And Health

Yoga Helps To Restore Energy And Health


Set An Enjoyable Baby Time Table

Discipline helps to groom babies but require a lot of exclusive time and attention.  Finish off your chores according to the baby timetable. Talk to the baby or just take her out to explore and look around. My little one would wave at stray dogs and squint to look at birds and insects and in no time learnt to be happy with nature. I would relax and be with my baby for a home builds up thoughts and reminds of jobs left undone.


Fun At Children's Park

Fun At Children’s Park


Croon To connect

Lullabies, nursery rhymes or just filmy songs bring music to charm the little one’s life. On a rainy day or a lazy day when I was not ready to budge an inch, I would put on some music or play songs and bhajans to croon along. Slowly I realised that Tiny was all smiles when the melodious voice set a musical trend and scaled to leave her mesmerised.


Read To Unite

During bed time Tiny would cuddle up with me with story books.  I would cook up tales, use baby-words and relate happy words to the pictures. In no time we became addicted to our ‘story time’, and the silence of the night helped us to cuddle up, read, look at pictures, make sipping sounds, smile at each other and enjoy magical moments.


Mum Enjoys Story time As Much As The Baby

Mum Enjoys Story time As Much As The Baby


New Mums need to work on self and the baby. Appreciate yourself to empower your day with renewed energy to cope with daily challenges. Problems will come for sure and not all days will be according to your plan but we need to know that the mums are naturally equipped to sail through tough hours and taxing times because they understand that, ‘Never let a problem to be solved become more important than the person to be loved.’ –Thomas S. Monson

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