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Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with Neemli Naturals

Neemli Naturals’ handcrafted skin care range make a perfect gift this Valentine’s day
The lovebirds don’t ask for much—a love letter, a reservation at our favorite restaurant and a gift that makes us feel good and look better. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or just treating yourself, here are the best (non-diamond) options for beautiful and beautifying gifts this February by an organic all vegan skincare brand, Neemli Naturals.
Cruelty Free Skincare has already become a norm and in places like Europe and India, animal testing is banned. The shift towards a holistic natural approach is fast taking precedence and we can see month on month growth. The awareness is ever increasing and the kind of knowledge consumers have at their disposal empowers them to make good informed decisions.
This is because of the changing tide in public perception from synthetic to a more earthy approach. The internet has created equality as far as awareness goes, and this transcends borders, it doesnt matter anymore which part of the country you are from, you can be from Mumbai or Jabalpur, but the power of knowledge has been democratised. People are actually looking at the back of the label and the story of the brand and then making a decision on their purchase. For example the advent of cancer and the correlation of that with certain synthetic ingredients definitely gets a lot of people paranoid especially when you know that what we apply on our skin will eventually absorb in our body. Not a lot of people had such knowledge before and such knowledge converts even the most stubborn cynics. The consumers will always drive the market, fortunately, the next trend is towards natural products and now it’s up to the brands on how honest they and also depends on their level of research to further improve formulations and sustainable packaging. The will to spend more on natural products will only increase with time, the only hope the brands deliver in equal parts with quality.
Neemli had to be in thick of things in the clean beauty revolution thats taking place in India, our focus was mainly on keeping the ingredient quality super high. We have individually sourced a lot of ingredients from different parts of the country and being vegan and sustainable was a strong part of our ethos. So you can say a lot of great character traits came together to bring Neemli to where it is today.
For product details :
Choose from the range of beauty products to indulge in this valentine’s day:
For Women:
Lip Care Essentials:
Prevent chapped winter lips with these easy-to-use lip balms that hydrate, plump, and moisturize your pout instantly.
Coco Lip Balm: An all natural nourishing and moisturizing lip conditioner that softens chapped and dry lips. Should be used liberally throughout the dayneemli, bananivissta
Matcha Lip Scrub: An all natural antioxidant rich lip exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells for smooth and shiny lipsneemli, bananivissta
Bathing Essentials:
A gentle pore cleansing bar that draws impurities from the skin. Its high clay content helps with a smooth glide and balancing excessive oil production. It also helps with acne problems and clarifies skin.
Pure Olive Castile Bathing Bar:neemli, bananivissta
A gentle cleansing bar especially made for extremely sensitive skin. The most gentle bathing bar you can find.
Face Mask:
Four Clay Gentle Face Mask:neemli, bananivissta
A hand pounded beautifying clay mask that is gentle on the skin. It is enriched with four mineral-rich clays that cleanse and clarify pores while keeping skin hydrated. This face mask has no fillers and is 100% pure.
For Men:
 A pure blend pre-shave oil that softens the beard and prepares the skin for a close and pleasant shave without leaving any oily residue.
Softens Beard  l  Lightweight  l  Antiseptic Hydrates Skin  l Non-greasy l  Anti Septic Closer Shave
Sea Buckthorn & Olive Squalane is an ultralight and a quick absorbing pure blend beard oil that softens, hydrates and promotes hair growth for a frizz-free luscious beautiful beard.
Softens Beard  l  Promotes Beard Hair Growth Deeply Nourishes Beard  l  Pure Blend Of Oils Increases Manageability
A Soothing and Refreshing daily moisturizer with all natural herbal actives that leave the skin super soft and smooth.
Super Hydrating  l  Soothing  l  Antioxidant Fights Against Pollution  l  Heals Broken Skin Natural Fragrance
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