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Music Tourism- Top Travel Trend In India In 2018

Music Tourism is a recent phenomenon that has acquired a massive growth in the status quo. The trend of music tourism crept into the scenario gradually. It gained popularity, by and large, amongst the public swiftly and today, India seems to welcome it with open hands in the hope of getting acclaimed globally.


As the youth developed an interest in different genres recognized globally, the music industry flourished rampantly. With popular music concerts of Coldplay, Ed Sheran, and Justin Bieber taking place in our country, 2018 promises to attract many travel enthusiasts to India.


  Music Tourism! Why is it Trending? 


Sunburn Music Festival

Sunburn Music Festival


Music Tourism simply refers to traveling to different parts of the world to attend a popular music festival or vastly anticipated concert of some eminent performers. It continues to charge up the young brigade of India as they see it as an upcoming travel trend in 2018. The buzz around the trend of music tourism can be attributed to its freshness and thrill. Moreover, it has become a medium for the transmission of the experiences. The people explore the music, revel in it, and continue yearning for more!


And Here Comes The Music Tourism In India!


As the years rolled by, music tourism has created a niche for itself in India. People have been exposed to the gigs and International Music Festivals contributing to an upsurge in local music festivals. The number of people attending such festivals has catapulted to a significant figure in the recent years. According to a recent Summer Trend Survey, a whopping 11% of the Indians are fascinated with this new culture.


         Why has India been receptive to Music Tourism?


VH1 Supersonic

VH1 Supersonic


The massive phenomenon piqued the interest of India with its vibrancy. It is not just the playing of some instruments and mellifluous singing that grabs the attention but also the inherent ethnicity that it contains and attracts a wide number of admirers. The rich music renditions are born out of complex interactions between different cultures.


  • The evolution of Music Tourism is due to the employment it generates.
  • It boosts the tourism footfall and helps in generating a lot of revenue.
  • It aids in strengthening the cultural fabric of the nation. It helps in promoting and bringing forth the indigenous heritage.
  • The local artist gets a stage to showcase his talent.
  • The fest city provides a variety of jobs for different people.


  The Festival Of Bharat


The spurring culture of Music Tourism has found its place in India and has seeped into its culture, of late. Festival Of Bharat will be organized in the month of may to celebrate the heritage of our nation. And you know what! The Indian musical traditions are one of the key highlights of the stellar event. The live music fest features the carefully selected artistes and performers to provide its audience with an enriching experience.


This Year Festival Of Bharat is going to open new avenues for the tourists. Supported by The Ministry of Tourism, the Indian debating union, the art of living and The Government of India, this event is a gateway to the spectacular events for the connoisseurs of art and culture. It will bring the best of the Indian Food and Music to the fore and let its attendees bask in the glory of India’s ethnic culture. So, brace yourself to indulge in the mega event!


Although the International artists are finding their way in the valleys and plains of India, the original culture of music is also gaining momentum. From the resplendent hills of east to the vast deserts of Rajasthan, there are innumerable tracks in the trend to fill your sound cloud playlist. For example, Ragasthan is a music festival of Rajasthan that runs for 3 days in November. You camp in the drylands and drown in the glory of music to relax your nerves and mind.


Indian Music Festivals coming up!

Indian Music Festivals coming up!


So, when you are a music aficionado as well as a travel enthusiast, do not miss out on wonderful music festivals in India. The experience will stay in your heart and its imprints will continue to ring aloud in your soul!


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