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Your guide to quick,healthy and nutritious baby food

Like no other, that’s a mother. A mother is someone who is constantly thinking about healthy can she make the baby food. As soon as the baby turns six months, it’s time to add some semi solids to his or her diet. Being one myself, I can understand the agony a mother goes through at this stage. Every woman wants to add a lot of nutritious food to her baby’s cute little tummy. However, while handling a baby, there is always shortage of time for the darling mom. She is always struggling to be everywhere and keeping an eagle eye on the baby.


It’s a misconception that tasty and healthy food takes a lot of time to be prepared.There is an infinite range of quick recipes that is available at our disposal.Not only they are quick but also can assure good health for your baby. It’s very important to understand your little one’s reaction towards different baby food items which would help you to be more innovative. Whenever we introduce something new to a baby’s diet, we should try and feed it for at least three days to understand baby’s acceptance towards it.


Healthy matters for a baby

Healthy matters for a baby


Ready to eat under 10 minutes

  • Apple Ragi Halwa
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Moong Dal
  • Mashed Beetroot/Potato/Pumpkin mixed in Yogurt
  • Atta/Besan/Sooji Halwa
  • Sooji Upma


Apple Ragi Halwa

Apple Ragi Halwa


Mashed Potato and Yogurt

Mashed Potato and Yogurt


Fruits – A wondrous option

Fruits can do wonder for everybody. However, for mothers of babies and toddlers, they are nothing less than a blessed baby food. Try and make one meal as fruit, it surely will help you a lot and would provide a lot of nutrition to your little one too. Following are few of the easily available and very nutritious fruits:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Papaya
  • Pear
  • Chickoo
  • Avocado

Babies tend to get a lot of colic when they try different food. However, don’t panic, mothers. As I said above too, understanding your baby’s body is imperative because every baby is different. It is not necessary if your sister’s or a friend’s baby likes to eat a banana, your baby would also do the same. Like every pregnancy is different, all babies are unique too.


Following are some handy tips to help you fight the gastric problem in your babies:

  • Always boil the milk with a pinch of cardamom powder unless your baby is allergic to it(applicable for babies not having mother’s milk or powdered milk)
  • Try and add ginger or a little asafoetida in your baby’s food
  • Make them exercise a bit while massaging them with oil or lotion
  • Do not over feed your baby. Understand the signals your baby would give when his/her tummy is full.
  • Avoid inculcating the habit of making them nibble in between their meals
  • Make them drink plenty of water
  • At times of loose stomach, along with the prescribed medicines, try and give some water boiled with 4-5 fennel seeds
  • At times of constipation, feed fruits like papaya and increase their intake of water too.


All you mothers out there, just remember that you are doing pretty well. Just believe that you are doing the best for your baby and only best shall happen to them.


Sophocles rightly said,” Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life”. 

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