Motherhood: The Natural Bond


‘Motherhood! All love begins and ends there.’ Robert Browning


The Little Bundle Of Joy

The Little Bundle Of Joy


New Day! The sky is blue and the Sun spreads its glory through the golden hue. A ray steals its way through the thick curtains of the family ward to gift a glow to my befuddled mind, body, and soul. I am a mother. I have entered into the beautiful world of Motherhood. This is the reality of the new day. In the early hours of the morning, I gave birth to a baby girl. I feel peaceful in a strange way. There are no arguments in my mind for someone cleaned it to make room for the new mommy-way-of – life.

When did this happen?
I don’t know.
What is the time now?
I have no clue.
What was it like?
Cool! I survived it.

My mind is still hazy. I know that the struggle of being in labor is over. Everything is fine as I see happy faces around me. I smile a little apprehensively as my friends congratulate me but I have doubts about my own ability.
‘Do I have it in me? I mean the virtues of motherhood.’


I look around. It’s night time. The light is on. There are few others like me but they seem to be busy with their babies and appear to be at peace with the new status. Suddenly, feeble sounds of my little one reach my ears. I rise from my hospital bed as the nurse comes to help me. She doesn’t stop me from moving towards my baby’s cot. What do I see? Little Tanya moves her tiny arms and lets out another feeble cry to communicate with me. All my apprehensions evaporate as I smile to cradle my little bundle of joy.


The Natural Bond

The Natural Bond


Motherhood: I Am Empowered

Yes! My baby knows it better. She is quiet now in my arms. She gives me the strength and confidence that I am the one, the only one. I feel so special and stare fondly at the tiny baby that has no words but only vibes to communicate that why worry when we are bound by the strings of nature.

Motherhood: I Share Nature’s Womb

Little Tanya rests her form against me and sleeps in my arms. I realize that through her I revised evolution in gestation. The journey from a single cell to the multi-cellular foetus in nine months is the revision of the story of evolution through me. This little realization tugs at my heart in the form of a sweet vibration. I am the chosen one as I share nature’s womb.

Motherhood: I Am Love And Care

I know it all. I exude the warmth that soothes the little heart. I know baby talk, make sounds and understand what my baby wants. I am the one who never tires of being around through the night and get on with the daily errands as the baby sleeps for a while.


Motherhood: I Am A Teacher For The Little One

Baby Tanya learns without words from me that it is easy to overcome fear or anger and bring in peace. I breathe in and out with ease and care for my baby calms down with my steady breath. She follows my rhythm in no time for she is now quick to choose peace at all times.


Bonding In Love And Care

Bonding In Love And Care


Motherhood: My Mommy Style

My little one gurgles at my voice, holds my stray strand for support, pokes a peter pointer in my eye, caresses my cheeks and smiles even in sleep. She opens her eyes and calls me Mom…Mo…Mumma. I know that I am blessed and all I need is to put my mind to rest when the tide is rough by simply steadying with deep breaths. I breathe in slowly and deeply to energize and I breathe out to relax and enjoy this joyful ride in mommy – style. Motherhood is challenging but I am equipped by nature with divine virtues to raise my little one with loving care.

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