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4 Reasons Why One Should Drive to Ajjanamane this Monsoon!

Ajjanamane- Home Away from Home


Nothing is more pleasurable than tripping towards the Western Ghats in Monsoon. On our way to Shimoga district, we enjoyed the endless roads and the greenery along the sides of the roads. The Monsoons bring alive the Mother Nature. To soak completely what can be better than staying in the midst of nature? We chose Ajjanamane for us to stay which is one of the best homestays in the Shimoga district. Learn 4 reasons why this place is a home for every traveler away from home:

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  • Relax stay: Stay at one of the finest places in Shimoga this monsoon. Ajjanamane is one of the best homestays in Shimoga district. Built in the traditional Courtyard Home (Thotti Mane) style, this homestay provides a simple, spacious, well-appointed home ambience with a natural personal touch specific to Malnad area. It is situated in such a place where only one can enjoy the sound of nature- wind blowing through trees and the surrounding little hills and plantation, sounds of the flowing stream, the chirping of birds, rustle of leaves, croaks of frogs and sounds of small insects. One can enjoy several modern board games: Pictionary, Scrabble, Chess, Carrom and several traditional board games: Pagade, Aluguli Mane, Chowka Bara etc. They also have a full-fledges badminton hardcourt, a cricket set for sports lovers. This place is kids friendly too. Book Ajjaamane for a leisure monsoon trip soon.
    Ajjanamane in Monsoons

    Relaxed stay at Ajjanamane


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The beautiful home stay

  • Traditional Havyaka food: Relish your taste buds with tasty vegetarian dishes straight from the kitchen of a Havyaka Brahmin. Be it the tambalis (havyaka specialty made from variety of leaves), gojju (a variety of chutney), or hashi (a sweet dish) you shouldn’t miss once at Ajjanamane.
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Havyaka Brahmin Food (Image Credits:

  • Enjoy the monsoons with a cuppa: One can either sit in the resting chairs with a cup of coffee or tea on their veranda and enjoy the monsoons or can pick your favorite books from their small library. Once the monsoon rains start and the temperature cools down, the hosts even light a small fire camp for you.
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Ajjanamane Courtyard Drizzle (Image Credits: Ajjanamaane)

  • Attractions one can enjoy: One shouldn’t miss these attractions if you are in or around Shimoga


i) Jog Falls: Ranked 13th in the world by the waterfall database, Jog falls are a major tourist attraction in Sagara taluk of Karnataka. It is created by Shravathi River. To ease for the tourists, the Tourism Department has built steps from the viewpoint to the bottom of the hill where the waterfall can be seen at the opposite side. There are approximately 1400 steps built to reach the bottom of the hill.


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Jog falls


ii) Honnemaradu: Situated on the backwaters of River Sharavathi in India, this place overlooks the Linganamakki Reservoir which attracts campers. It is a home for several birds and butterflies making it an ideal place for birdwatchers and nature lovers.


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iii) Sigandur: The place is known for Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple, which attracts hundreds of people every day. During the month of June-July, many pilgrims and devotees visit this place to worship.


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