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Celebrating The Cultural Spirit Of India With Mewar Festival

Mewar Festival In Udaipur


Summer is around the corner and the sun is coming in its full force. And what would be better than to take a trip to Udaipur in 2018, the sun city? There is no second thought that the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan boast of the rich culture. They reflect the ethnic prosperity of India.


Mewar festival in Udaipur is one of the most popular festivals of India. It is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm around March-April to mark the arrival of spring. Let us have a close look at it.


  • Mewar Festival

Traditional Dance forms at Mewar Festival.

Traditional Dance forms at Mewar Festival.


The Mewar Festival captures the spirit of Rajasthan’s culture in the most exuberant manner. It is celebrated with pomp and show in the whole of Rajasthan but its exact flavor can be relished in Udaipur. Udaipur has been the cynosure of Mewar rulers and hence the festival holds greater importance here. The prime attraction of the festival is the cultural performances of folk music.


  • History

The history lies back in time when this (Udaipur) part of India was reigned by the Sisodia dynasty. Once upon a time, Maharana Udai Singh met an old man while hunting. The old man was engrossed in his meditation on a hill that provided the panoramic view of Lake Pichola. He advised the King to build a palace over there. The king agreed and founded the city of Udaipur. Since then, the colorful Mewar festival has been celebrated to delight the people. Due to its magnificence and significance, it has become one of the hotspots of tourists destinations in India.


  • And The Celebration Begins!

A 3 day-long visual feast is being wrapped in the beautiful medley of folk songs and elysian dance forms of the state. The spectacular religious processions are coupled with the eye-popping display of fireworks to render the festival in its marvelous form. Preparations begin from a month before the festival.


Kaalbeliya Dance.

Kaalbeliya Dance.


During the festivity, the entire city of Udaipur is drenched in the colors of happiness and gaiety. The markets are decorated with the lights. Enchanting music to praise the local deity is being sung. ‘Padharo Mhare Des’ is recited by the local artists with gusto and energy. People indulge in various dances, songs, and other cultural events. These cultural events are prepossessing and unveil the charming traditions of Udaipur.


  • Mewar Festival And The Women

Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur

Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur


The Mewar Festival coincides with the Gangaur that is of great significance to the women of Rajasthan. The festivals are the perfect time for the women folk to be clothed in their finest attires and flaunt their jewelry. They also put henna on their hands and feet. The cultural vibe engulfs them to the brim and this is apparent in their appearance. The women carry the handmade idols of Lord Shiva or Isar and Goddess Parvati or Gangaur and carry out the processions around the city. This procession culminates at the Gangaur Ghat at Pichola Lake where the idols are immersed in the holy water. The ceremonial procession is followed by the folk dance forms such as Kaalbeliya and Ghoomar. The colorful streamers are witnessed across the city bubbling with festive energy.


  • How To Reach Udaipur

Since the Mewar Festival is being looked forward to being witnessed by the masses, people from different parts of India pour in the city during this time. The different means to reach Udaipur are enumerated below:


By Air

The Maharana Pratap Airport is just 22 km from Udaipur city. Flights take off regularly from Mumbai, Delhi and other main capital cities to Udaipur daily.


By Bus

The public bus services operated by Rajasthan Roadways are available from all major cities of Rajasthan to Udaipur. Super deluxe bus services are also available from Delhi and other cities.


By Train

Trains from major capital cities run to and through Udaipur Railway Station at fairly frequent intervals. Jaipur, Delhi, Ajmer are the nearest stations.


Rajasthan tourism is growing rapidly with the inclination towards restoring the beauty of our heritage. Rajasthan Tourism 3.0 is an essential step taken by the government in this regard. To incentivize the tourism industry in Rajasthan, the government is showing a keen interest in bringing fore new policies to develop the infrastructure thereby luring the travelers. 11 religious sites have been chosen to be renovated to promote religious tourism in the state.


Mewar Festival is symbolic of the cultural affluence of Udaipur. The authentic Rajputana touch mesmerizes all the visitors. so, the next time you plan to take a tour to Udaipur, make sure to behold the incredible festivities of Mewar festival. We bet you’ll be yearning for more when you will come back!


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