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Book Launch: ABC Of Mental Health by Rachana Awatramani

It’s no secret that mental state is habitually treated otherwise than physical health, however, typically it’s tough to know however or why this is affecting our lives. This inequality will take several shapes and forms, starting from negative social perceptions to discrimination in health coverage for mental state. Consequently, this unequal treatment of mental and physical sicknesses results in unequal results.

If we tend not to acknowledge mental sicknesses as physical health problems, then we are never going to treat this disease. In an attempt to raise the subtlety of mental disease, Rachana Awatramani, a counseling psychologist has come up with her new book ABC of Mental Health. On 24 February 2019, she launched her book in Atta Galata, Bangalore. The event was organized by The ALL Ladies League (ALL) which is a multinational movement for connecting women worldwide and is committed to unleashing their inherent potential.mental health, bananivissta

I was enthralled to see how sisters from different parts of the world come to support each other. This event was a vivid example of how one supports the other. ALL India Chapter for Body Positivity chaired by Luvena Rangel, ALL Karnataka Readers & Writers Chapter chaired by Raj N and Vice-chairperson, Chaya D came together in the unique spirit of ALL – sisterhood beyond borders – to launch ALL Mumbai Chairperson for Mental Health, Rachana Awatramani’s book ABC of Mental Health in Bangalore!

Rachana Awatramani has armed a masters degree in Counseling Psychology in 2010. She is also certified in Psychology First Aid by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Online) and she is a certified Happiness Life Coach. She has worked with different schools and institutes in Mumbai like Fidai Institutions, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Umang Foundation Trust. She conducts many training programs and workshops on various psychology-related topics in India. Her first published book was “I’m A Miracle Being”. She has taken up the Mental Health First Aid India project because she strongly believes in its motto and also understands the importance of it given the nation’s current scenario. She has been recently honored by the Women of Excellence award by Women Economic Forum 2018.mental health, bananivissta

During the event, Rachana was in conversation with Luvena where the former reveals various aspects of Mental Health. She speaks about her book which covers the basics of everyday wellness with respect to relationships with oneself and others as well as the importance of mental wellness. A key component of the book is the structured toolkit to equip readers with the tools to assist someone who may require immediate ‘first aid’ in this much-stigmatized area. Topics included will be those that affect a large population of society – everyday stressors, anxiety, body image, loneliness and depression as well as digital addiction, relationship challenges, and suicide. Luvena’s insightful questions helped Rachana to unfold the nitty gritty of this disease which in turn helped the audience.

A counseling psychologist and contributing expert to the Times of India, Rachana Awatramani has an established body of work in this much-needed area of Mental Health. Her book covers the basics of everyday wellness with respect to relationships with oneself and others as well as the importance of mental wellness. mental health, bananivissta
The book launch and interaction with the author gave an idea on what to expect from the book and also introduced the audience to the upcoming workshops on Mental Health First Aid that is certified by the International Association of Holistic Psychology. The overall objective of the book launch and the chapters’ collective intention was to build awareness of the importance of Mental Health and Wellness in our society as well as co-create a community that looks out for each other.

After attending the event, I have understood mental health a little more clearly. Now, I’m ready not only to help myself but also my friends.

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