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In Conversation With the Mountain Man – Ratnesh Pandey

Scaling The Mountain of Success


“If you have dreams and a desire to achieve them then the God will hold your hand and take you to the destination.”


Ratnesh Pandey, a man of grit and determination, made India proud when he recited our National Anthem at Mount Everest. He is the first Indian to do this. In the treacherous weather conditions, this man didn’t forget to pay respect to his nation while he was at the highest peak. Moreover, he holds a Guinness World Record in Christ bike stunt for 32.3 kilometers. He has performed several Bike stunt shows performed at India Bike Week, Auto Expos, Colleges and for Social charity. He has also been chosen as the Brand Promoter for the biggest festival of NorthEast – Ambubachi Festival. While many of us suffer from Acrophobia, Ratnesh proved that nothing could stop a man who is bubbling with passion by scaling the magnificent Mountain peak. He has received Khel Ratna Award from Madhya Pradesh Government for his stupendous success. 


Guinness World Record Holder

Guinness World Record Holder


Let us see what he has to say about his passion and success-


BV: Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Ratnesh: I am an adventurer who has expertise in mountaineering, motorbike stunt riding & mountain cycling. I run an NGO named AAVAAHAN with the tagline Empowering Humanity for promoting martyrs, education promotion, against female foeticide & global warming.


BV: How did the idea of scaling Mt. Everest struck you? How did you prepared for your feat?

Ratnesh: Mahadev is my inspiration for Mountaineering & climbing Everest. I completed my Mountaineering Training from Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports, Manali. I successfully completed basic and advanced level of Mountaineering courses and climbed few mountain peaks above 20000 feet to learn about the mountain.


BV: Please tell me about your experience at the world’s top peak? What were the challenges you had to face?


At the glorious peak.

At the glorious peak.


Ratnesh: It’s hard to describe in words. It is the best moment of my life. I was above the clouds and could clearly see the horizon of Earth. Above me, it was only God. Every step was challenging. From climbing vertical walls, heavy winds, and backpacks to the extremely less oxygen and the fatal temperature was approx -40.


BV:  You also hold a world record for riding a bike while standing on it for the longest way. Was it a dream or it just happened?


Performing Christ Bike Stunt

Performing Christ Bike Stunt


Ratnesh: It’s more than a decade that I am into motorbike stunt riding. I was about to make World Record in 2010 but due to lack of paperwork, I was unable to get the title. But I didn’t lose the hope. After six years I was finally titled as Guinness world record holder.


Name of the game is Patience
I always wanted to be a Guinness World Record holder. And the dream came true on Dec-2015. It wasn’t a sudden feat. Nothing happened casually. I waited for six years for the coveted title. I underwent many accidents and a major ankle surgery to achieve my dream.




BV: Tell about the passion in your life?

Ratnesh: Patriotism is my passion. Society gives us a lot of things so it’s our moral responsibility to pay it back. We should always focus on nourishing the future of upcoming generations. For me- MATRABHOOMI SARVOPARI.


BV: Tell about your current professional status and what do you plan to do in future? 

Ratnesh: I am an athlete. I want to continue doing Mountaineering and be a motivational speaker. My aim is to promote Mountaineering and to cultivate the feeling of patriotism in youth. I believe that country interest should be before self-interest. I wish to empower humanity so that people think for the right cause above caste, creed, and colour.


BV: Do tell me about the most inspiring quote that has been motivating you in your life?

Ratnesh:  The quote of Param Veer Chakra- Manoj Kumar Pandey inspired me a lot- “SOME GOALS ARE SO WORTHY, IT IS GLORIOUS EVEN TO FAIL”



BV: Please enlighten us about your experience at TedX RGPV.


TedX speaker at RGPV

TedX speaker at RGPV


Ratnesh: It was beautifully organized by the students of RGPV. A special note of thanks for teachers and management for supporting them in this glorious event. It was indeed a great experience.


BV: Who has been the person behind the man who is the first one to recite the national anthem at Mt. Everest?

Ratnesh: None other than- IQBAL SINGH BAINS. An IAS officer of MP Cader. Seeing my dedication and efforts, once he said-


BV: Your message for the young brigade of our nation?

Ratnesh: Do whatever you want to do in life. Achieve all your desires but always keep your MOTHER & MOTHERLAND on top.

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