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Ankita Majumder Reveals How Matrimonial Sites Helped Her To Find Her Soulmate

The Tollywood Actress Ankita Majumder break the generic relationship taboo of Tollywood

The perfect marriage begins when each partner believes they got better than they deserve. But it depends on a person and his/her choice of the soul mate. Marriage is a vital turning point of one’s life. Today, people find their life partners in their own way. They seldom take help from relatives, family friends, and pundits. But in the late 2000s, Matrimonial Sites came into effect. In recent times, it has become more and more popular. These sites can help you to find the perfect soul mate. Gen Y has started looking for an imaginable alternative and has chosen matrimonial services to fulfill their needs. They are more inclined towards these sites because they take less time and through these sites, they can search many profiles in a very short time span. Online Matrimonial Sites has changed people’s perception about arranged marriage. These sites give us plenty of choices where distance is no longer a constraint in finding your life partner. And when one of the Tollywood stars is investing her faith in the Matrimonial Sites, then, it doesn’t sound mythical.matrimonial sites,bananivissta

Yes, the much-awaited wedding of “Jorowar Jhumko” actress Ankita Majumder and her partner Soumitra Paul was solemnised in the city of joy. Ankita Majumder broke the generic relationship taboo of Tollywood. Unlike actors from Tollypara choose their mates from the entertainment industry, Ankita went the other way and trusted on a matrimonial site to choose her life partner.

Ankita shares, “I am an avid admirer of mushy love stories and fairy tales. It’s a new stage in my life. I am really getting nervous. Simplicity and honesty are the two main things that helped me to fall in love with Soumitra. We met via a matrimonial site. He is a Bangalore based, IT guy who runs an enterprise software company named Playbook Al. While we come from a completely different background, it didn’t stop us from falling in love with each other. After we met through the matrimonial site, we dated for one year before we decided to get married’’.

In a hushed affair, the actor exchanged wedding vows according to Bengali rituals. She followed all the traditions of a typical Bengali wedding. From “Gaye Halud” to “Boubhat”- every occasion had a personal touch of Ankita and Soumitra. Ankita’s bridal look was breath-taking, as she carried the red Kanjivaram Benarasi paired with a heavy neckpiece, earrings and mangtika. From saree to jewellery she had planned each & everything for the wedding long back. She always chose to go with the minimalistic look.matrimonial sites,bananivissta

She says, “I have always dreamt of a perfect fairy tale wedding. I love the tradition of Bengali marriage. I love to live in my dream world. Everything starting from my engagement to my wedding was like a dream. I always wish to carry on the minimalist D-day look which is the new age mantra of the world of fashion and makeup. The minimalistic look can be quite a challenge for a bride, however, I kept it simple. I wore a Kanjivaram Benarasi designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee and tried to keep it simple with my makeup. I eliminated the lehenga in my ceremony because I want to happen in a pure Bengali way. My soulmate Soumitra wore a dhoti and Kurta which is a perfect match with my bridal attire. The ambience of my ceremony was full of Bengali touch. You can say a Bengali themed marriage. We also had a second thought in our mind about our wedding. We wanted to do it in a traditional South-Indian way because Soumitra is based out of Bangalore. He loves the Karnataka wedding style.’’

The wedding is a very soulful thing. It’s all about love and respect we have for each other, and our families. When you get to know all the information about the person you are going to marry with just the click of a mouse, then why do it in an old fashioned way?

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