Mango and the lovely Delhi festival to celebrate it.

Summer and mangoes, can they ever be separated? Oh no!! Don’t even try it out. Otherwise, the massive population who is a lover of the “king of fruits” will get after your life. Just teasing, however, there are people who elatedly wait for the arrival of mangoes. Though it’s available throughout the year at few extravagant stores, the real taste remains in the seasonal ones. You would be surprised to know that there are more than 1000 varieties of mangoes that are available.


The Mango Festival

The Mango Festival


Following are few of the very well-known ones:

  • Alphonso
  • Safeda
  • Chausa
  • Dasheri
  • Langda
  • Sindheri
  • Kesar
  • Himsagar
  • Rataul
Variants at Mango Festival

Variants at Mango Festival


What if I tell you there is a festival to celebrate Mangoes in Delhi. Yes, you heard it right; this fruit certainly deserves to be celebrated, doesn’t it? People from various walks of life come to be a part of this fun-filled festival for the sake of their love for this tropical fruit. Drop in, if you want to taste and witness the mangoes from various states of India for free by just paying a nominal entry fee. Some of the exceptional activities that take place at the festival are:

  • Mango carving
  • Mango eating competition
  • Slogan writing
  • Quizzes related to Mango
Mango eating competition

Mango eating competition


What to look for at the Mango Festival

When you enter the place, usually Dilli Haat, you would feel that you have entered into a mango palace. Believe you me, you would not want to miss the opportunity to attend this lavish festival where you can find the type of the mangoes you love and might as well develop a love for more. Pickles, jams, jellies, juices, panna are few of the mouth-watering items available at the Mango Festival.


A little background

It is organized by the Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation along with other related organizations. The mango festival turns out to be a platform for hardworking farmers to meet and interact with the customers, wholesalers etc. To make it more interesting, the unique festival is teamed up with beautiful cultural programs that you would never want to come to an end. Don’t miss your chance of being there this time, might as well just end up meeting there and enjoying the festivity of mangoes.


The detail of the Mango festival is as follows:

Where: Dilli Haat, Pitampura

When: July 9th – 10th 2017

So, see you there!!

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