Mandarmani : The Serenity Revisited by Sudip Aditya (Runner-up of WORDS contest)!

The Planning

For a long time I have been looking for a getaway along with my partner but unfortunately wasn’t been able to make out timings due to our hectic schedules. However as they say, when you got to go, you got to go! So after long discussions and various suggestions, we zeroed in Mandarmani. Located in Purbo Medinipur, it’s basically an extensive and pristine sea beach along the Bay of Bengal shoreline, about 200kms from Kolkata. There are many famous beaches near it like Digha, Shankarpur, etc but this, in particular, attracted me the most. I’ll tell you why.


Why Mandarmani?

First of all, the beauty of the beach will mesmerize you. It’s too peaceful around, unlike Digha which is always crowded round the year. All day you’ll get to hear only the rushing of cool breeze and growling of sea waves. Seldom have we come across a few couples roaming around, enjoying the much-needed privacy this beach offers. There are a few but good hotels and resorts on the beach like the one we stayed at, i.e. Bombay Beach Resort.


Another important fact about Mandarmani is that it the longest drivable beach in India. You can take a drive with your friends or partner on the beach if have a car or bike. The beach is not dirty at all. In fact, it’s quite clean, thanks to the authorities. We also enjoyed a few sports available there for tourists like windsurfing, jet-skiing, boating and much more.



Also the beach is completely safe for anyone visiting, even at night. Lighting arrangements are done along the whole shoreline which illuminates after dark. Though it’s advised not to wander off to the beach after evening due to high tides, still you can try talking a short walk on the beach post dinner. A long walk along the beach here is very refreshing during wee hours.


One can also spot many red crabs crawling on the beach here and there along with a few broken sea shells lying around.


The Packing



As it is a lonely beach, packing too many clothes is completely unnecessary. Light packing is more than enough like tees, shorts, etc. Don’t forget to add sunscreens and those cool shades in the list too! One may carry swimwear if one is not comfortable bathing in regular clothes. We didn’t carry any swimwear but had two-three pairs of extra shorts and three-quarter pants for swimming needs.


What to Relish



As you’ve guessed, seafood is in abundance here. One will get plenty options of delicious preparations of fish to dig in. Most of the hotels here prepare tasty and hygienic delicacies to tickle your taste buds! Tel-Koi, Koi-Maacher Jhaal, Shorshey Ilish, Bhetki Paturi, Bhapey Pabda, Chingrir Malaikari, etc are a few of those mouth-watering dishes one will get to relish along with many Chicken dishes too.


I liked Garlic Chicken the most served at our resort. These dishes are bound to make your trip deliciously memorable!


After Dark


Please try to visit this place during full moon as we did and believe me, it’s worth the time. Sitting near the shore with your partner/wife/girlfriend under the full moon, with light breeze kissing your cheeks and sound of tides soothing your ears feels like heaven! You may even ask your resort staff to arrange for a bonfire nearby if you are visiting with friends for a nice cosy adda session. Get your hands on some snacks like Aloo chips or Prawn fries topped with soft or hard drinks and light music. It will feel magical!


As I said earlier, do make out time to get a short and romantic walk after dinner.


Loving it!



Overall, if one is really looking for a weekend getaway or a long trip, be it in a group or with date, this beach will make you fall in love with its serenity as well as solitude. And yes don’t miss the sunrise or the sunset. Its breathtaking beauty will surely take your heart away and rejuvenate you till you visit again.


Bon Voyage!

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