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6 Creative ideas to make your man feel loved this Valentine’s Day

Looking to surprise your man of love this Valentine’s day?


Valentine’s Day is the day of celebration of love. Red roses, greeting cards expressing love and feelings, red balloons, good food, expensive wine or champagne are the highest sellers on this day. While most of these are the favorites for almost all lovely ladies out there, it becomes quite easy for a man to decide which gift he wants to give her.

However, when it comes to choosing a gift for him, it is not the same story anymore. It is not really that easy to choose a gift for a man and ladies to go through a lot of confusion in the process. But for this Valentine’s, we are here to your rescue ladies. We’ve put on our thinking caps and have shortlisted several things that you can do to make your man feel loved.

  • Dress the part

The easiest way to make your man go in awe is to go back to the basics and dress in a combination of red and pink or either of the colors. Let me tell you, men love to see their girls dressed in pink and red (in most cases at least). Meet up your man in blue skinny jeans and a pink top or a red mini dress and you are all set for the day.

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Dress for him

  • Cook him a meal

As they say, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. So, if cooking is your thing, prepare a meal for your man. You sure must know what he likes to eat and what he does not. So, set up the table and cook all his favorite dishes. Light up scented candles, play some soft romantic music, decorate the room with red heart-shaped balloons and flowers. Present him with a personal hand-written note expressing your love for him and all the qualities that make you fall for him every time. Enjoy your candlelit romantic dinner.

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Cook for him

  • Take him down the memory lane

Valentine’s day is all about love. So, what could be a better idea than to revisit all those moments which made you two to be together for this long? Cherish all your memories of the years gone by. A great way to revisit and celebrate old memories would be to create and gift him with a hand-made scrapbook with both of your photographs, personal notes, flowers that you had exchanged and what not. If making a scrapbook looks like too tiring, go for a photo collage of all the best moments you’ve had till date with your man. An evening well spent in the arms of your knight in shining armor re-living all those wonderful moments.

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Revisit your moments

  • Send a surprise

Although it might sound unreal, yes, men do like surprises. Who doesn’t like surprises after all? So, plan out the day well in advance. If your man is at work (Valentine’s day being a workday this time), it would be nice to send him a bunch of flowers at his workplace. If you want to make it more thrilling, leave a special love note for him with the flowers, but keep it anonymous (so that only he and you know who sent it over). Another great idea would be to order a special lunch for him and have it delivered to his work. All his colleagues would be in awe and somewhat be jealous of the kind of love he has been receiving. And lastly, for a change, this time you reach out to pick him up for a date and enjoy your evening together.

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Plan for a surprise

  • Leave a love note around

This is an extremely affordable and a meaningful surprise which your man is sure to love. Make small chits of colored paper and in each one of them mention what in him do you like the most. It can be anything starting from his looks to his habits to his dressing to whatever you can think of. If you are creative enough, you might as well want to push the line by being a little naughty too…!! Place each of these notes in things which you know he would use throughout the day, like his wallet, his shirt pocket, trousers pockets, his bag/briefcase and maybe in his lunch box too. We are sure that each note, the smile on his face will just broaden and lead to a wonderful evening which you will remember a lifetime.

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Make chits of colorful paper

  • Book a getaway trip

If money is not really a concern, you can choose to book a place somewhere nearby and make a short trip. You can choose to go somewhere where either he has always wanted to go, or probably a place where both of you have always wanted to go and spend some time together. Enjoy the evening in the cozy comfort of your private space, with good food, soft music, and some cool champagne or wine. It wouldn’t really matter if the place is a 5 star or not, your man would love the time alone with you, no matter wherever both of you are.

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Take a trip together

There you are ladies, this Valentine’s you would not have to scratch your heads thinking what you could do to surprise your man and make him feel loved. We have taken care of this for you this time. Go ahead and take the lead…!! No matter which one you choose, we are sure your man is going to love all the efforts you have taken to make him feel special. Hope you’ll have the best Valentine’s evening ever.

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