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Fall in love with Malkha-A sustainable handloom with specific identity

Ever fancied the cotton handloom sarees? Well, there is every reason for you to fall in love with them. One such treasure of India’s handloom industry is the gorgeous Malkha. A flawless combination of the so soft Malmal and the classy Khadi, the Indian textile industry must be proud of this handloom fabric to be born. It has a huge fan following across India.


Malkha- the successful existence


Its gorgeous, isn't, it?

Its gorgeous, isn’t, it?


Malkha stands to be an initiative to revive not only the fabric, however, the lives of the artisans too who were spending almost all their lives in creating such lovely products but lived in vain. That is a reason it is also termed as the “Freedom Fabric”. Andhra Pradesh has seen a massive change since this initiative came into existence in 2012. Production of this fabric is very different from various other handloom cotton apparel as it requires immense level of attention while being weaved.There’s been an increase in the demand therefore, the weavers are quite satisfied despite putting abundant efforts into its making, because they strongly feel, its totally worth it. We should be really proud that Malkha has reached even the fashion capital of the world, Paris and it received extraordinary response.

Malkha is categorized amongst the sustainable handloom textiles and uses unique spinning mills. The reason for this is that Malkha, the latest sustainable fashion comes in line with the small-scale handloom production and not the regular large scale spinning.


4 out of 8 units are located in the state of Andhra Pradesh.


Spinning in process

Spinning in process


Where can you find this beauty?

The styles and the natural flavor of these products will never fail to take your breath away. And unlike other cotton products, you don’t even have to make it stiff after washing. Yes, because its grace optimizes with every wash which makes it further soft. You would feel refreshed at all times whenever you have this fabric settled onto you, see it for yourself once and you won’t regret your choice.

  • Malkha exhibitions have played a very important role in increasing the awareness about the fabric.


For the no print lovers

For the no print lovers


Here's a glimpse of the printed version

Here’s a glimpse of the printed version


  • You can plan to go to the handloom stores or state emporiums like the ones located in Connaught Place, Delhi. A variety of block printed or plain dupattas, Malkha cotton sarees for women, shirts or even kurtas for men for that matter are available at some of the leading ethnic wear websites. In fact, you can even buy Malkha fabric online and get an outfit of your choice stitched too. Simply pick and choose your favorite one. Get ready to look sassy and fetch unlimited compliments from your friends and family.

Few websites where Malkha rules are:


Still waiting? Don’t miss your chance to look sassy and classy at the same time dressed in Malkha.

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