Spunky Indian (March 2019)


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Spunky Indian brings to you the reason for celebrating the joy of being woman this March. Although, every day is a woman’s day if you have a woman in your life, make sure you make her special this day! After all, a special day is dedicated to recognizing her. Inequalities between men and women have been seen since ages. The discrimination against women always forced them to be behind the walls. Time has come when women have to be empowered so that they can lead their lives their way and without being answerable to anyone about their personal choices. Women empowerment doesn’t mean deifying women rather it means replacing patriarchy with parity.

The woman is an embodiment of Shakti, Love, Responsibility and Respect. We bring you incredible stories of many strong headed women who live their lives in their own terms and also help to empower other women in society. Be it a Chef, a Baul Singer, or a Biker, these women tops up in everything they do. They break the stereotype in the society by breaking the shackles to achieve what they desire irrespective of the societal norms.

The month of March won’t be complete without the mention of the festival of colours, Holi. The vibrant colours bring joy and festivity in our lives, however, we often complain about the hair and skin problems after the celebration. Our hair and skin expert shares some secrets and tips to take care of post-Holi. Hope this festival will bring hope, joy and success in our lives.



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