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Freshen Up Your Love For Sea Food With Go Fish!

 Indulge in freshness from farm to fork


Freshen up your love for sea food with Go Fish– a Bangalore based environmentally conscious and eco-friendly brand who provide seafood lovers with fresh, healthy, nutritious and sustainable seafood right at your doorsteps.

Locally farmed sea food.

Locally farmed sea food.


At present, GoFish is serving Tilapia, a very healthy and tasty fish that is not very commonly consumed in India yet. Tilapia is rich in lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid.


Why One Should Buy Fishes from Go Fish?


  • Locally Farmed Seafood

GoFish’s seafood is raised in Bangalore in an urban fish farm. This reduces the burden on our water-bodies and reduces the ill-effects caused by over-fishing. This also ensures that the fishes are delivered fresh, soon after the harvest.


  • Responsibly Raised Seafood

GoFish’s seafood is raised using the best aquaculture practices to ensure that there are no toxic elements present. This makes GoFish’s seafood safe-to-eat, healthy and nutritious. Lately, due to pollutants and other toxins present in our water-bodies, the seafood that is being sold in the market is a risky bet. This can be avoided with GoFish’s seafood.


  • Harvested Before Delivery

GoFish assures the freshest seafood in town. That is because the seafood is harvested only before delivery! At present, you can order your seafood online from Monday – Saturday. The seafood is delivered fresh, right after harvest, on Sunday, at your doorstep.


Harvested before Delivery

Harvested before Delivery


  • Healthy and Nutritious

Because of the superior methods used by this brand, the seafood raised is considerably more healthy and nutritious. At present, GoFish is serving Tilapia, a very healthy and tasty fish that is not very commonly consumed in India yet. Tilapia is rich in nutrients and proteins, low in fat and has loads of nutritious benefits.


User Experience:

I ordered Red Tilapia which came to my doorsteps in an excellent packaging.  I loved the way it was delivered, the fish was fresh, neatly cleaned and gutted. Moreover, the fish was cut into pieces which were easy for me to cook and consume.

The fish came out tasty, the meat was sweet and soft. I must say it was a treat for a fish lover! I would like to recommend GoFish to everyone who loves fish. If you are busy and don’t have time to buy fish from the market then GoFish is your answer!


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or Buy fishes online at http://www.gofish.farm/

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