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Say NO to these 5 things when you visit Varanasi

Varanasi – a city so serene, known for its rich culture and spectacular views it proffers, has been standing majestically on the banks of River Ganga against the tests of time for over 5000 years. Being the cynosure of the cultural heritage of India, formerly known as Kashi and Banaras, Varanasi attracts a multitude of people from all the nooks and corners of the world. It has earned the fame for being a city which is as old as time. Sadhguru describes,“Kashi is held as the core of the Universe.” Varanasi is the much sought after tourist destination for the ones who seek to attain salvation and peace of mind. And yet there are people who step into the place to savor its charisma. Keep in mind to say NO to these 5 things while you head for the beautiful Varanasi:


  • Do not Rush into things

Delectable Paan of Varanasi

Delectable Paan of Varanasi


Amiable folks of Varanasi live their lives at their own pace. They are in no hurry to challenge the speed of the world. Their peaceful lives are their pride. Hence, do not ask anyone to speed up the things. It can be the Paan Wala, who meticulously prepares the Paan with love and you asking him to be quick might render him offended. A rickshawala who may be interested to indulge in a candid conversation with you might be hurt if you do not pay heed to him. Respect their camaraderie and involve equally.


  •  Do not offend the Bulls

Do not mess with it!

Do not mess with it!


Bulls are considered to be the incarnation of the Lord Vishnu, the Nandi, and causing any problem to them might turn very nasty for you. They are dear to the people and worshipped. If you ever find any Bull obstructing your path, quietly take a turn around without disturbing him or probably you’ll be inviting trouble to your steps. Messing with them is definitely not advisable!


  • Do not neglect the Ganga

Har Har Gange!

Har Har Gange!


The ancient holy river of India, The Ganga, is treated as the mother. A respect equivalent to that of being given to the mothers is given to the pious river. People especially drop into Varanasi for taking a holy dip into it to get rid of all their misdeeds. The pure water is believed to bless you with purity. Therefore, do not litter around it or throw any waste in it. You might end up making your wonderful trip a nightmare!


  • Dare not say NO to Kachauris

You can't miss out on them!

You can’t miss out on them!


Forget about all your conscious diet plans and center around the sumptuous food items Varanasi has in store for you. The mouth-watering Kachauris, the Dahi-Malai, Kulhad wali Chai are the ultimate delight to your senses and one must not miss them! Say yes yes to your cravings and bye bye to your food chart. Drown yourself in the land of tasty food items to carve delectable memories.  


  • Do not run, instead walk into things 

Mesmerizing view of Kashi!

Mesmerizing view of Kashi!


The Ganga Aarti is one of the major centers of attraction at Varanasi. Do not miss the glaring vista it offers you. Be slow, be calm. Walk through the narrow lanes appreciating the colorful atmosphere mixed with laughter and vibrancy. Lose yourself in the jovial vibe of the holy place. And yes, do not forget to go to rooftop cafes and enjoy the boat ride to catch the spectacular view of the beautiful city.

Let go of your plans and enjoy each moment of breathing in Varanasi because such ambiance will not present itself to you anywhere in this world. Refrain from doing the above 5 things in Varanasi to enjoy to the fullest. Wander across the resplendent city to come back with colorful happy memories! Immerse in its lovely aura to experience the contentment galore!

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