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LINGUAL BRACES : The invisible solution for a perfect smile

Owning a beautiful smile is a blessing to be born with but unfortunately many do not enjoy the privilege of flashing their smile confidently, owing to their dental misalignment.  Dental alignment either charms or foils the smile with impairments such as spacing, crossbite, overbite and crowding to name a few.  For long, the traditional corrective therapy involved wearing metal braces, which was not only effective but also affordable.  At the same time, the metal braces came with its own set of demerits including the painful procedure, discomforting maintenance, duration involved and most importantly the striking visibility, which diminished the aesthetic appeal.However, over the years, orthodontics has advanced with the advent of technology and has initiated numerous innovations to address the issue including the introduction of lingual braces.


Smile with Confidence

Smile with Confidence


Smile confidently with invisible lingual braces


Unlike lingual braces are completely invisible, as these are positioned behind the teeth.  Lingual braces work on the same functional mechanism of inducing continuous pressure on the teeth to gradually shift them into proper alignment.Comparatively, lingual braces are little expensive but the cost is completely justified, as it involves a practice of perfection to perform it.  To start with, the orthodontist should undergo specific training and should possess the certain technical expertise to practice it.  The process involves taking photographs and radiographs of the teeth, which are analyzed by dental laboratories to create personalized brackets connected to archwires.Since dental alignment differs from person to person, the lingual braces are 100% customized depending on the orthodontic treatment.  The initial process is time-consuming but totally worth it considering its aesthetic appeal.  The typical treatment can range anywhere between 3 to 48 months, depending on the complexity of the case.


It's pain-free and easy to maintain.

It’s pain-free and easy to maintain.




Invisibility is the main advantage, for which the treatment is gaining a tremendous popularity in India, especially among the youth and career oriented people.  Apart from the aesthetics, the lingual braces are relatively pain-free, easy to maintain, require less frequent visits, are completely customized and leaves no stains on the visible part of the teeth.  On the flipside, lingual braces can be little expensive, non-removable, requires one to avoid chewing hard things and can result in mild soreness in the initial days.


It's gaining tremendous popularity

It’s gaining tremendous popularity


Gaining tremendous popularity


In today’s world, almost every profession requires one to be outgoing, confident, exhibit a certain charm and in a way a good smile integrates them all together.  Dental misalignment is one of the most common deformities experienced by many Indians and a major portion of them are either willing or can afford to undergo the lingual brace treatment.  The treatment has already gained a tremendous popularity in the urban landscapes of India and one can certainly hope for the cost to come down as the treatment advances its reach and more orthodontists specialize in this trade over time.


The article is contributed by Dr. Sruti.K,
B.D.S.Ortho,Cert.Lingual Braces
Orthodontist and Dento facial Orthopaedist-Specializes in Invisible Braces, Co-Founder of All Smiles Dental Care.

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