Latest Denim Trends of 2018

Latest Denim Trends of 2018

Go stylish with Denim


Sometimes it’s better not to follow the guidebook and to have your own rules. Do not believe in any such words that say, “in Spring and Summer, you can only wear light colored jeans.” Love what you wear, wear what you love. That’s it. These days we are craving for all things winter, and any light to dark washed denim looks great if you are going to your workplace or out on a date with someone special. But, sometimes an occasion demands something darker and for that, you can choose any dark colored denim. The only rule that you should follow is that your jeans should fit well and you should not compromise on that. Also, we need to follow those denim style icons, whom we admire. Who can forget Debbie Harry’s famous double denim outfit, or Marilyn Monroe in her relaxed boyfriend style jeans that looked so casual yet feminine! 2018 redefines denim styles and you should not hold yourself back. Here are a few denim trends with which you can rock 2018:  


The Top Stitch:

Topstitching is known as a sewing stitch generally used for seams, hems, and necklines to present the garment in a whole new way. This denim style is both decorative and classy. And, it also helps to hold the layers in place and edges lying flat, to give you a comfortable experience. Top stitch denim shirts look awesome and you can easily wear them at any music concert or for a casual night out with friends. In the list of top stitch denim, Paper London Coco High Rise Wide Leg Jeans, Chloé Cropped High Rise Skinny Jeans, and J.Crew Vintage Straight Jean is making quite a statement and you should definitely plan to buy at least one of them. 


Denim top stitch

Denim top stitch


The Dark Wash Denim:

There is a huge benefit of using the dark wash denim, as no matter what your age, size or body type is, a pair of dark wash denim will always suit you. You can wear them on every occasion, except the formal ones. Most of the denim style icons prefer the dark blue wash, which is also called Indigo. The main reason is, it looks amazing on everyone, it holds the shape of your legs and it will make you feel comfortable everywhere you go. Even the denim shirts of this style are a good option for dinner dates. 


dark wash denim jeans

Dark denim jeans


Baggy ’90s Denim:  

Yes, it’s true. The baggy ’90s denim is all set to make a comeback in 2018 and you surely won’t like to miss this opportunity. Just remember those denim style icons, like Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, and Natalie Portman. Many top brands launched the anti-fit and loose fitting denim, including a special collection by Levi’s. You can wear these denim pairs on any casual outings and you will surely stun the crowd.

There are plenty of different styles and fits from which you can choose by color or by the preferred styled fit. Just make sure that you try out these amazing denim trends in 2018.


Baggy '90s Denim

Baggy ’90s Denim


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