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“You have to be progressive”, Lakshmi quoted with enthusiasm. This lady convinced me to look at my life with a whole new perspective. Meeting her on the breakfast table was one of the beautiful thing that happened.


When I was going through her page I was surprised to know that she started social service at a tender age of 13 where our Indian teenagers will be busy with their regular curriculum and try to focus on what needs to be done to become an Engineer or a doctor. But Lakshmi, in spite of being from a typical Hindu Indian family, born in Hyderabad and brought up in Chennai kept her step into the world in such a way that made her stand out of everyone.
Her life is a perfect example of struggle, firm determination, perseverance and finally success. Lakshmi’s class teacher inspired a calm confidence in all the teenage girls in the classroom. She empowered her so much that drove her to join a Christian youth group which was working closely with the slums in Bangalore. Her happiness knew no bounds when she was actually doing the job for which her heart always craved for. This happened when she left her home once she turned an adult. Lakshmi was a mediocre student and like all other parents, it was pretty tough for her parent’s also to admit the fact that Lakshmi was born to do something for the society.
It was almost 7 years, Lakshmi did not look back and gave her whole body and soul for working in the slums with a pocket money worth 100 rupees per month. Her part of the work included feeding at least 300 old people on road and providing proper nutrition with follow-ups. As time passed, she started giving low cost English Curriculum also. This lady never stopped in her life, she just kept on moving in her life with certain new aspects.
Lakshmi’s life took a new turn when she got tied into the nuptial knot with one of the members of the youth group. But, somehow life had its own plans for Lakshmi, in fact better plans. As the marriage didn’t prove successful, she finally left the youth group and tried to figure out what’s next. Her parents were very supportive and she decided to complete her education. Her all time service for the society helped her to get a postgraduate degree in International Marketing from Sheffield Business School, UK and she also owns a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. And she returned back to India with a Bang!
The comeback of Lakshmi was a remark on her life and many of our lives too. Lakshmi started her own production house known as “Red Bangle” and gave a kick start with the Award Winning Talk Show, “Chai with Lakshmi”. The show went viral on YouTube and it completed almost 130 episodes successfully. Each and every episode is new in their own way and trust me all were very inspiring and fabulous to watch. Life has thrown opportunities and she tried to taste each and every bit of it. Lakshmi’s life story is not limited to social service; she lived a life of a model, an anchor, a researcher and finally an entrepreneur.
For her, Life means to be humane. It takes 10,000 hours to reach the tipping point and one needs to have perseverance. “Unwind-Allaboutyou” is glad to have this inspiring lady and I wish all the very best for her future.
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