BananiVista, blind

Krupa Shah- A Ray Of Hope To The Blind

In Conversation With Krupa Shah, An Artist, A Philanthropist, A Spiritual Soul


The mere thought of darkness surrounding us forever gives us shivers down the spine. Imagine if you were blindfolded for an hour and asked to do your daily chores! The first reaction of ours is ‘Impossible! How can one even do this?’ But there are some people who are differently abled and have lost their eyesight partially or entirely.


BananiVista, blind

Art time


But in their world full of darkness, there’s someone who’s willing to bring brightness and happiness with something that our society needs the most – Art! We’re talking about none other than the facile artist and an amazing human being Krupa Shah.


Krupa is well-known for her proficient painting skills and her beliefs about many things that she effortlessly splashes on the canvas. One of the things that she strongly believes in is to give back to society in any manner and that’s what she has been doing since a very long time. She has been using her art as one of the armours to make the blind kids at Happy Home and School for the Blind believe that they’re as normal as we ‘normal people’.


BananiVista, blind

Kids enjoying painting


Shah’s techniques and ways to teach partially or fully blind kids is very interesting and relatable. She uses the things that we use or come across in our daily lives to help them recognize the colours and shapes. For instance, a vanilla ice-cream resonates white while the warmth of the sun is yellow. This does not only make the learning engaging, but also helps the kids inculcate confidence within them.


BananiVista, blind

Something beautiful in making


When we asked her why only blind kids, she said, “As an artist, I know that you don’t need eyes to paint. You need passion and expression. This is what motivates me and keeping this in mind, I help these kids to paint and help them turn their obstacles into opportunities.”


As an artist, Krupa has never confined herself. She has created some beautiful masterpieces and supported some amazing causes through her art. One of her finest paintings that she has created was dedicated to the girl child Asifa. Through this self- portrait, she organised a fundraising activity which collected handsome funds that’ll be soon handed over to her family to fight for justice.


BananiVista, blind

A painting by a special kid


She did not just limit her art to Asifa but also has contributed to the Maharashtra droughts as well. She painted yet another magnificent artwork to raise funds which were donated to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra – Mr Devendra Fadnavis for which she highly accolades.


Her artworks are nothing but a pictorial, colourful representation and interpretation of her hypothesis about life and persuasions. Her exclusive and signature collection ‘Abhiscka’ which means a ‘Conch’ or a ‘Shankh’ in Sanskrit majorly highlights her spiritual side and why one should never lose that sacred touch. Conches have always been an integral part of Shah’s personal and professional life. She believes they not only help one connect with their positive side but also is scientifically helpful to align the chakras and emotions in a human body.


BananiVista, blind

Beautiful painting


Krupa is an unstoppable and fierce woman who is in a constant conviction in making the world a stronger and compassionate place to live in. Being a philanthropist, she was the only Indian to be a huge part of the Women Economic Forum held in the United Kingdom earlier in July’18. She has always believed in and supported women to be independent, follow their dreams and never be suppressed by anybody or anything. Her passion for women empowerment aims to encourage every woman to break the glass ceiling of stereotypes and patriarchy they face in any step of their lives and achieve what they desire.


This is what we actually mean when we talk about people contributing to society and bringing in some optimistic change. Krupa Shah – an artist, a philanthropist, a spiritual soul and a giver to the world, she is an ideal person we all should look up to.

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