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Did You Know That Fashion Blogs Are Here to Stay


Gone are the days of hiring a personal stylist physically to look chic because my dear friend, the internet is your new fashion guru. Yes, with a help of a click you can become the talk of the town the next day. Aha!! Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it surely is true, thanks to the umpteen fashion blogs that have taken up some serious coverage all over the social media. Few out of many are the fashion blogs you need to know about and rest can just be a lesson for you. No kidding here, landing on a not so worthy blog can later end up helping you explore the best ones.

You can get this look too

You can get this look too


Today, from a holiday look to a shopping one, from a cocktail look to an office meeting one, you have fashion blogs that exist for almost any and every look you have ever fantasized. Yes, you can have a look straight from the best fashion magazines.Thanks to the availability of some remarkable blogs that have helped made life so much easy even for people who never imagined they could look so stylish.

Know the latest trends too

Know the latest trends too

Fashion blogging  doesn’t seem to be a big deal if you have a flair for some stupendous style. Now, your idea for style can surely be different from someone’s else’s. And that’s exactly whats going to help you entice the visitors. All you got to do is to have unprecedented substance to your fashion blog. And, you never know you can be one amongst the most influential personal style bloggers soon.


So, the one in making, won’t keep you waiting. Here are the dominant points you’d want to consider in order to start a fashion blog on Instagram or any other social media influencing platforms:

• Be clear about what genre of style you are creating and defining
• Know the age group for your clients/audience absolutely right
• Understand the expectations of your clients
• Have something beyond the run-of-the mill to offer because you see, normal is boring

In fact, let’s make life a little easier for you rather than have you struggling so hard. Why not check out some of the best fashion blog sites to have crispy understanding to what your prospective followers would expect from you.

Follow your heart to have endless followers

Follow your heart to have endless followers


Here are the top 5 for you from an exhaustive list of the most influential fashion bloggers of India:

  • Vanity No Apologies by Anshita Juneja
  • Gia Says That by Gia Kashyap
  • Fashion Oomph by Tanya Mahendra
  • Lets Expresso by Tanya Virmani
  • Tashiara by Tashiara

Bear in mind, that success won’t happen overnight. It’s going to require a lot of patience and hard work because you are in a way going to be a personal stylist for your clients.


Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” — Diane von Furstenberg

You are soon going to help your clients save money that they would have rather spent on hiring a personal fashion stylist.

What are you waiting for? Get going, there is a lot to do!!

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