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Want To Make Your Kids Listen To You? Dear Mom’s Check This Out!

Let us first go through the scenario, which is very common with your kids at home-

“Turn off the TV now! You have been watching it for hours,” screamed the mother.

“No, my favorite program is on, and I want to watch it for sure!” says the kid defiantly.

“Watch it later, turn it off and clean your room now!” retorted his mother.

“Nooo! I wanna watch the TV now and then I’ll do it later!” screamed the kid again!


Mother getting furious at the end

Mother getting furious at the end


And, in the end, the Kid succeeds in watching the program and the mother ends up cleaning the room herself.


Frustrating. Exhausting. Irritating. – That is how you would exactly feel when your day is spent trying to get the children accomplish something yet you fail to do it despondently. This is what many moms around the world have to deal with.


The mother ultimately gives up!

The mother ultimately gives up!

Therefore, if you want to know how to talk with your kids so that they will listen to you, read the tips ahead to know more!


  • Try to get your child’s attention

You want your children to hear you out? Stand out enough to get their attention first. Just when they focus on what you are stating, they tune in to do as per your will. When they don’t focus and pay attention, they just simply hear sounds but they don’t comprehend what you said. So, sit down while talking and just look into your child’s eyes while talking.


Get your child's attention by simply talking while looking at their eyes

Get your child’s attention by simply talking while looking at their eyes


  • Be particular

Try not to utilize long sentences and enormous words when asking the child to finish something. Also, keep it short and straightforward. That will make it simpler for your boy or girl to recall what you told them. More often youngsters don’t do what you need them to because they overlook what the guideline was.


use short sentences to talk with your child

Use short sentences to talk with your child


  • Give relevant information to them

When you want your kid to hear you out and do something like to set the table properly, ensure he recognizes what “setting the table correctly” implies. When you want the kid to do something properly, give him all the right information he needs – like what he needs to put on the table, where he needs to place it, and how many things should be on the table.


  • Always tell them, don’t inquire much 

    When you are looking for your kid to do some work, you generally want the response from your kid to be a ‘yes’. So in the event that you want your child to hear you out and follow the instructions, don’t inquire for their response. Just simply let them know the work.


Always tell them about the work and don't inquire much

Always tell them about the work and don’t inquire much


  • Give the kids alternatives

Not all children take well to directions. When you instruct them, they may begin to get rebellious and aggressive, particularly as they approach their teenage. Therefore, try to give them certain choices that will make them do what you want them to do. Like “You can either set the table now or keep the dishes later.”


Children becomes rebellious most of the times!Children become rebellious most of the times!


The rules and expectations are imperative to get the kid to hear you out. Also, try to be clear and firm and also understandable when you converse with your children about what you anticipate from them.


You can make them listen to you without yellingYou can make them listen to you without yelling


Try to list down all the main guidelines on a sheet of paper and stick it to anything near them. The actual trick is to practice “not always shouting” and still getting the things done properly.