Things One Should Know Before Visiting Kavant Fair This Year

Colours of Kavant Fair: Festival focussed on Tribal Dance

Kavant Fair is one of the tribal festivals which is celebrated in the tribal area of the Indian state of Gujarat. The tribal regions of Udaipur basically consider this fair as the most significant part of their life and consider it as the Harvest Festival. This ancient celebration goes on annually. It is conducted after the Holi festival on the third day and it is a two-day event. This year it will be celebrated from 15 Mar 2019 – 16 Mar 2019.


Where it is held?

The village of Kavant is found within the heart of the Rathva homeland close to the city of Chhota Udepur a few 100 km from Vadodara that has an airport, rail connectivity and is a major town. There are two fascinating heritage properties that are ideal to stay in, near Kavant, the royal palaces at Chhota Udepur and Jambughoda.

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Kavant Fair Source: Gujrat Tourism

Nearby destination

The Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is quite near and is popular for its sloth bear, flying foxes and has a wide diversity of flora and fauna.

About Kavant Fair

  • In this fair, lots of people dance on the rhythm of music and rejoice it with huge glory.
  • A huge number of artists and musicians come to this region from completely different parts of India to showcase their talent.
  • Throughout Kavant fair, the atmosphere becomes frolic and fun crammed.
  • The men are seen wearing the belt that is stuffed with rock gourds and even several strings of brass bells are worn.
  • The performers also paint their whole body with the paste created of ash and rice. Men and women both create a human pyramid.
  • It is an opportunity for the tribal males to show off their proud heritage and hip flicking abilities, costumes, and body painting, another but the unspoken purpose is matchmaking.
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    Tribes of Kavant Fair Source: Gujrat Tourism

  • The ladies get themselves all dressed up in new and beautiful saris and all the jewelry they have. The ladies in every village wear matching saris.


  • The main participants within the festivities drink for five days non-stop while not even pausing for sleep, creating a mockery of the prohibition laws of purportedly dry Gujarat.


  • The main attraction of the fair is the sales of tribal delicacies and handicrafts.


  • Dive deep and be an explorer. Come together to experience human’s coexistence with forest and wilderness.
  • Discover a bit of it through folklores and meaningful interactions.
  • Escape cities’ fast-paced lifestyle and day-to-day gadgets to wander and wonder.
  • Learn about the journey of Rathwas and about the future of tribal ethos.
  • People say that this is the festival of sharing love, expressing togetherness and igniting the fire within. Explore & Experience in the wilderness.
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Kavant- colourful fair

Kavant Fair symbolizes a successful harvesting. Travelers can plan for Gujarat and can entertain themselves by participating in Kavant fair. Also, tourists visiting Chota Udaipur can visit a few other temples and historical sites nearby. Udaipur is situated close to this region and holds a vast number of tourist’s attraction points. The Kavant fair spreads happiness and merry across the north-eastern part of Gujarat and draws the attention of every visitor to definitely plan their next trip soon.

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