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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Kajaria For Your Home

                                   Decor Your Home With Kajaria’s Uber-Premium Range of Products

What comes to your mind when you think of beautiful, opulence tiles on your wall and floors? Kajaria, isn’t it? Kajaria’s tiles aim to transform our world through Kajaria’s exclusive Ultima products showcased their uber-premium range of tiles collection under the brand “Eternity” at the Acetech exhibition in Mumbai on November 16, 2018. It was a four-day event where Kajaria had displayed its varied collection of Ceramics wall and floor tiles, glazed and polished vitrified tiles, sanitary ware and faucets.  

Kajaria, BananiVista

Kajaria- the high quality products

Founded in 1988 with an objective to offer the best quality, aesthetic and innovative products to its customers, Kajaria Ceramics is the leading brand in India and positioned 9th in the world as the manufacturer of ceramic and vitrified tiles. Kajaria’s manufacturing units are well equipped with cutting-edge technology. They improvise intense automation, robotic car application and a zero chance for human error which are the reasons behind Kajaria to be in the topmost position in the industry. 

If you are planning to buy a home or renovate this coming year, think of Kajaria as it will give you the world of your dreams. Know why you should choose Kajaria: 


  • Biggest Sized Tiles in the industry: The major attraction in the exhibition were the slabs that were bigger than anyone can imagine. These tiles with enhanced continuity to the design help in making our spaces look grand, big and spacious. Generally, the Ultima comes in a range of 5 sizes however Kajaria Eternity has raised the bar by introducing one of the biggest sized tiles in the industry – 1X2 meter. 
    Kajaria, BananiVista

    High quality and best design


  • Digital Printing: The Kajaria Eternity products are a perfect mix of innovation, creativity, quality, and trust. These huge attractive slabs with digital printing are first and one of its kind in the industry. 
    Kajaria, BananiVista

    kajaria tiles


  • Long-lasting durability: The Ceramic wall and floor tiles exhibit spectacular designs of international standards like GresTough- 60 x 120 cm ceramic HD floor tiles. This series not only promises the magnificence of the marble but also comes up with great performance, strength and long lasting durability.
    Kajaria, BananiVista

    Full body vitrified tiles


  • Full Body Vitrified Tiles: The exhibition also showcases Kajaria’s unpolished Vitrified tiles which are an exclusive series of terrazzo- Full Body vitrified tiles and 1x1m is exhibited at the exhibition. This is an alternative to marble and granite flooring.
    Kajaria, BananiVista

    The digital printing


  • Alluring Products: Kajaria’s bath ware brand, Kerovit, also displayed a wide variety of contemporary sanitary ware and faucets which has a spread of more than 8000 sq.ft. 
    Kajaria, BananiVista

    Kerovit-the bathware brand

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