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Interview with Author and Spiritual Counsellor Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

At times, you get lost in your life. You need someone to discuss your problems or a guide to bring you back on the track. Kapil Kumar Bhaskar was a businessman but wanted to help people so became a full-time spiritual counsellor. He has authored a book named Reminiscences of the Seeker to guide people. Read more about him in this Interview in which he shares his views with BananiVista on spirituality and life. 


Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

BV: How did you shift from a businessman towards spiritualism?

Kapil: I never thought or planned of becoming a spiritual counsellor. It happened naturally. I always wanted to retire from all the business at the age of 40 and enjoy my life. And it actually happened.

With all the experiences I had, I thought that others should not fall into traps the way I did. I wanted to guide them through their personal and spiritual problems.


BV: What do you love about being a full-time Counsellor and Spiritual Mentor?

Kapil: When I help people, it gives me happiness. Even if I can change one person’s life, it would be a great thing for me.


BV: When did you start penning down your experiences for the first time?

Kapil: I never thought I will write a book about my spiritual journey as these were my personal experiences close to my heart. After the death of my true Master, Swami Ramanand Saraswati, I was in deep pain. It was then, few of my closest friends insisted that I should share my experiences with the world. I then started penning down my experiences. Even the name of the book is given by my friend.


Reminiscences of A Seeker

Reminiscences of A Seeker


BV: Difficulties that you faced while writing the book? How did you overcome them?

Kapil: The grief and sadness of missing my True Master during writing the book was tremendous. I had to relive every moment of my past which I had gone through, which was very painful.


In December 2013, when I completed writing the last chapter of this book, I suddenly fell ill. I was admitted to a hospital and the doctors declared that I won’t survive. On the third day in the ICU, my late Master visited me. I had asked for a wish from my late Master that when I would die, my Master would come to take me along. I knew that my time has come. However, my Master assured me that the time has not come and that I would get fine. From the next day itself, my condition started improving. I was discharged from the hospital in 10 days.


Although, I was bed-ridden for almost a year and a half, with my determination I finally published the book.


BV: Your definition of spirituality?

Kapil: For me, spirituality means coming to your true nature to show your divine self which is beyond physicality.


BV: What do you think is the reason behind a large number of people losing their path of life these days?

Kapil: The reason behind it is wrong desires. Moreover, nowadays people do not appreciate what they have. They focus more on material content and not on life.

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