BananiVista, Interview with Make-Up Artist

Interview with Makeup Artist Jagdeep Jaswal Singh, Internationally known for her Work

We all love applying makeup, Isn’t it? You may not wear it daily but you cannot ignore its importance. Here is why BananiVista is in conversation with Makeup Artist and Wife of Indian Cricketer Mandeep Singh, Jagdeep Jaswal Singh. She shares her journey in the world of make-up and fashion as she speaks with BananiVista. Avoid doing mistakes while wearing makeup and know her views on it.


Jagdeep Jaswal Singh

Jagdeep Jaswal Singh


BV: How did you discover your love for cosmetics?

Jagdeep: I was passionate about makeup from an early age, especially eyeliner. I wore foundation for the first time after seeing some girls in my school wear makeup.


BV: When and how did you decide to be a makeup artist professionally?

Jagdeep: I officially became a Makeup Artist in the summer of 2015 after doing an Asian Bridal Course. I just took it as a hobby but after doing it I realized that this was what I wanted to do. God works in mysterious ways!


BV: What do you love the most about your profession?

Jagdeep: After doing someone’s makeup, seeing the reaction to their final look is amazing. It is a great feeling. Making people happy is something that I love to do.


All about Makeup

All about Makeup


BV: Which part of face people forget while wearing makeup?

Jagdeep: I think people forget about their forehead and jawline. Once you lightly bronze these parts, the contour looks a lot better & it doesn’t look like two harsh lines across the cheeks.


BV: The basic difference between the make-up trends in India and UK?

Jagdeep: I have seen many times girls in India with a randomly placed pink blush on cheeks. However, in England, you won’t see girls walking around with major pink cheeks.


BV: The biggest mistake that Indians do with makeup?

Jagdeep: I think the way girls apply eyeliner on the bottom of eyes is a mistake. Moreover eyeliner, if smudged, is meant to look clean and not blotchy. If you want to smudge eyeliner, don’t make it look like you’ve been hit in the eye!


Recent Work of Jagdeep/ Sonu Jaswal

Recent Work of Jagdeep/ Sonu Jaswal


BV: How does it feel being a star wife?

Jagdeep: I don’t refer myself as a star wife, rather I see him as my best friend and husband. I feel so grateful to have an amazing life partner. But, it feels good to be a star wife- I will admit, especially during IPL.


BV: What about your love for cricket?

Jagdeep: I enjoy cricket and love IPL but not a die-hard fan. The adrenaline rush you get is amazing. If my husband is playing, you can expect me to know what is happening otherwise I have no clue.


BV: Your all-time favourite look for your eyes and the one that can suit everyone?

Jagdeep: I love wearing classic winged eyeliner. No matter what the occasion, it is your best friend.

A soft blowout look would suit everyone. It can be simple or really heavy depending on how you like it.


Indian Look of Jagdeep

Indian Look of Jagdeep


BV: A quick makeup tip for our readers?

Jagdeep: Before applying eyeliner, apply concealer first to the eyelid. By doing this, the eye-shadow colours will pop out more and they will not sink into the skin.

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