BananiVista, Interview with author

A Tete-a-tete with Multifaceted Author-Shivank Srivastava

Interview with Author and Multitalented-Shivank Srivastava

“Your talent is a gift from God, What you do with it is your gift to him.” Shivank Srivastava best describes the above quote. Besides being a Computer Science Engineer, he is an author, DJ, choreographer, motivational speaker and wants to try acting as well. BananiVista in conversation with this 23-year old where he shares some of his interesting moments from his life’s journey so far.


BananiVista,, Interview with author

Shivank Srivastava

BV: What was your aim to be when you were a kid?

Shivank: My childhood completely revolved around cricket. I used to spend hours on the ground. Moreover, I had a dream to play cricket for the country.


BV: So many qualities, what is the first thing you tell about yourself?

Shivank: I am an explorer who likes to experience different things and tries to make every opportunity count. I go ahead with my gut.


BV: How did the thought of your book- “The Hero Within” cross your mind?

Shivank: Just the urge that I need to tell the world about something so magical that truly exists within us! Besides, a quote from a book could restore people’s belief in themselves.

BananiVista, Interview with author

The Hero Within by Shivank Srivastava

BV: Something about your dance academy?

Shivank: Freakers Bunch Dance Academy was a wonderful experience alongside my co-instructors Shubham, Geetanjali Ma’am, Vivek Sir. Our dancers ranged from toddlers to college students, newly-weds to senior citizen housewives. Nothing better than doing what you love and getting paid for it!


BV: Where do you look at yourself after 5 years?

Shivank: Humble me says, ‘Still doing what I love’

Ambitious me says, ‘On the Forbes Magazine Cover’.

But after 5 years I want to be able to keep my family happy and healthy by pursuing my passion.


BV: How was your experience as a motivational speaker just at the age of 21?

Shivank: The age makes this experience wonderful. People do not picture me as a ‘motivational’ speaker. They did not expect a 21 year old kid teaching them life lessons but I love surprising people.

BananiVista, Interview with Author

Shivank, the explorer as he loves calling himself

BV: How does your family react when you experiment with new stuffs every now and then?

Shivank: I am lucky to have a supportive family. My sister’s financial support for my book, my father booking an urgent flight for a dance audition, my mother’s motivation; these things are just a few to be named. After all, everything matters.


BV: The book and the movie you recommend to everyone?

Shivank: ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill is a lovely book.

‘Memento’, I am a huge Christopher Nolan fan. And the movie is brilliant.


BV: What was the Turning Point of your life?

Shivank: Class 11th ‘Cyber Fiesta’ in MHS! Inter-school sound mixing event and I lied to my Computer teacher when asked about using a Virtual DJ software. I had never tried it. 2 days of practice and luck favoured this introvert boy. I bagged second prize out of 25 top schools of Kanpur. That was my first achievement in extra-curricular and since then I never looked back.


BV: Your message for the dreamers?

Shivank: ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it!’ Never forget why you started and remember the people in your journey. Also, Step forward and help the not so fortunate ones.

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