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Interview with the author of A Love Meant to Be, Kartik Srivastava

Besides being a mechanical engineer by profession, Kartik Srivastava has already authored two romantic novels at the age of 20 and 23. His upcoming book will soon hit the stores. Read the interview with the author as he shares his experiences with BananiVista and know about his amazing journey. 


Kartik Srivastava

Kartik Srivastava

BV: How does it feel to be an author of romantic books? Does it affect the perception of others about you?

Kartik: Obviously it is a great feeling knowing that you have authored two books and that too romantic. Love being one of those rare things I understand and writing about it is amazing. It doesn’t affect the perception of others but I can be asked a lot about when I will write something besides love stories.


BV: You had the writer bug since childhood or did it developed in the later years?

Kartik: Not at all since childhood! Writing began as I started understanding her and fell in love with her but authoring books started when I tripped over love and understood even better.


BV: Your motivation behind writing?

Kartik: I would not lie. Yes, there was a girl; stupid, weird and crazy! But she was definitely the reason of my smile once.

I called her Golggy!


'The Promise of Love' & 'A Love Meant To Be'

‘The Promise of Love’ & ‘A Love Meant To Be’


BV: What did you learn after ‘The Promise of Love’ that you improved while writing ‘A Love Meant to Be’?

Kartik: I learnt one basic thing- Read, read and read a lot. Read hundreds of books and then write one.


BV: Who are the people that supported in due course of your journey?

Kartik: My family and friends.


BV: Something about your upcoming book- ‘Sand and Sea’

Kartik: Just wait for it but for now, I’d say, I’ve tried thriller for the first time and we’ll see how it turns out to be when it releases.


Rapid Fire with Kartik


Rapid Fire with Kartik

Rapid Fire with Kartik


BV: Author or an engineer? What do you love to be called?

Kartik: Writer!


BV: Favourite Book?

Kartik: There isn’t only one favourite book but if anyway I have to answer this then the book that I really enjoyed was ‘Eugene Onegin’ by Alexander Pushkin.


BV: Romance, thriller, what next?

Kartik: Well, I’ve not given a thought to it but I would definitely love to write something related to music.


BV: Goal of your life in a sentence

Kartik: To be a better human being.


Author of 2 romantic novels by the age of 23

Author of 2 romantic novels by the age of 23


BV: Favourite quote

Kartik: ‘If you want to change everything around you, just fall in love!’


BV: Next 3 items in your bucket list?


  • Skydiving for sure
  • Then buy an expensive sports car
  • Since I’m hopelessly romantic and still love the old school idea of candlelight dinner, I would love to have a dinner date under the Eiffel Tower, obviously, if I find my ‘Miss Right.’


BV: You win a 1 million $ jackpot, what will you do?

Kartik: Cross-verify


BV: Message to the world?

Kartik: I don’t think that I am great to share a message but what I have learned is to be true to yourself, love selflessly and live for others. In the end, the days lived for others will be the days you would have actually lived.

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