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Meditation With Indian Flute Music- A Drive Of Positive Vibes Into Your Lives

Indian Meditation Music For Positive Energy


Lord Buddha had once said, It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand, then the victory is yours, it cannot be taken from you.”


Meditation is a technique that helps people connect to their inner self, and live a life free from stress and anxieties. It requires focus and deep thinking only about oneself and not about the outside world. Some people get distracted while meditating and then comes the role of flute music which helps quieten the mind, concentrate better and enjoy meditation.


Thousands of years ago flute was used by people for the purpose of communication. Flute which is commonly referred to as the “Indian Bansuri” was the first wind instrument used by a man. It is believed that the popular Bansuri of India, when played by Lord Krishna, was a medium of healing for many. We might grab with lots of gadgets these days but the rhythms and melody of flute bring us closer to nature and to oneself too.


BananiVista, flute music

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Flute music for meditation

It helps people sense happiness from within. Studies say that the more someone stays in touch with flute music, the more he would be able to learn and be pleased with meditation. Also, playing the flute in itself is a form of meditation as playing the flute is similar to the breathing movements of meditation.


Positive energy is something that you cannot see with your bare eyes but can definitely feel it. According to the Indians, your house is called home when it is blessed with ancient mythology that attracts the positive energy and one soothing way to do is to play Indian Meditation Music for Positive Energy. Meditating while listening to flute music at home broadcasts a lot of positive vibes and uplifts mood for many hours.


Music not only has an effect on your emotions but your body as well. The varied types of music affect the body variedly. Counsellors suggest that people who suffer from anxiety and are sleep deprived should listen to Indian flute music to get good sleep as it relaxes the body and soothes the mind.


BananiVista, flute music

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In today’s busy lifestyle where people are indulged in some or the other tasks the whole day, all they bring back home with themselves is lots of tiredness and depression. And the next morning, with the same mood they get back to work. In the midst of all this, the much-needed peace could come from music and specifically Indian Flute Music that arouses positive vibes.  The Flute Music can make you feel afresh the whole day. Even the Youths of today who are bent towards western music, also find attracted towards Indian Flute Music and the tunes from the Bansuri.


Ending up with a beautiful Flute Quote by the great Lord Kabir, The flute of the infinite is played without ceasing, and its sound is love.


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