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Inculcating Good Manners In Children

How To Raise A Well-Mannered Child?


Raising children is probably one of the toughest jobs on earth.  I say this because when a child is born he is just like a wet clay and as parents, we are the ones who have to mould the child.


One of the most important things is teaching kids manners.  I believe the earlier we start the better.  When the kids start understanding things, probably from the age of 1-2, basic manners for children should be introduced.


Now, what are the basic manners for children?  Saying sorry, thank you, please, teaching greetings and such.  You might think that the child is too young to learn all this but trust me the kids pick up things fast.  Teaching manners doesn’t mean telling the kids, it means showing the kids. As parents, we need to follow what we teach our kids.  The kids learn by observing the parents. So, before you teach the kids please follow the basic manners yourself.


BananiVista, manners

Teach your kids these Golden Words


So, here is a list of good manners and etiquettes for kids, which the kids should be encouraged to follow from a very young age:


  • Greeting people.  Saying good morning, good evening, good night.  Parents need to greet the kids as well every day so that they understand its importance.


  • Saying please, sorry, thank you, excuse me.  Often parents or elders don’t say these things to the children believing that they are younger and don’t need to be told these things.  But again, these are basic manners which both the kids and elders need to follow. So, next time you are wrong or have hurt a child don’t hesitate to say “sorry.”


  • Keeping things in place.  When the child is a toddler, often the child keeps the toys here and there and causes a mess.  At the end of the day, ask your child to keep the toys in place. Help him out and make it a daily habit.  This way the child will learn to take responsibility right from a very young age.


  • When the child grows up a bit more, teach him not to interrupt when two people are talking.  Ask him to wait for a while and then say, “Excuse me” and then converse. Often this point is neglected by the elders as well.   


  • Always cover the mouth while sneezing or coughing.


  • Kids should be taught not to make noise while eating.  Also, talking loudly or eating with their mouth open is not a good manner and that should be reiterated.


  • Help the elderly and kids. Help their friends when they are stuck somewhere.



  • When meeting someone for the first time, the kids should be taught how to introduce themselves.  This etiquette helps the kid lifelong. Striking a polite conversation and keeping a good and affable body language should be included in the list of good manners.


  • Etiquettes for kids also should include how not to comment on anyone’s looks, appearance, social status, or gender. Do inculcate this at the earliest. This will prevent your kid from being a bully as well.


  • Children should be taught how to knock on a door before opening it.  This teaches them to respect the privacy of others.


Saying Thank You is a must


Teaching kids manners is not a very difficult thing, trust me.  As parents, we need to keep our manners and etiquettes in place, correct the child if he is wrong, and keep on reiterating the basic manners for children every time we feel that the child’s manners were not acceptable.


A well-raised child is a well-raised future citizen.



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