Since babies have sensitive skin, it's best to use natural fabrics.

Hospital Bag Essentials For You and Your Baby

A baby's arrival needs preparation

A baby’s arrival needs preparation


Congratulations on your impending motherhood. Each day, you not only open your eyes to the glorious sunshine outside but also open a window to the world for your unborn baby. Thus, you need to be prepared with a hospital checklist.


Motherhood is not a milestone, it’s an experience. You spent each day, wanting to touch those teeny-weeny fingers and just hold your baby tight. But once that momentous occasion arrives, you don’t want to be distracted by other things. A beautiful creature is stepping into the world, no other happiness is beyond that.


Here, we bring to you some easy tips on how to prepare yourself for your hospital stay and when the new baby arrives.


What to pack for your hospital stay


Maxi dresses are comfortable to wear

Maxi dresses are comfortable to wear


It would be a good idea to keep the bag ready once you are in the last few weeks, so you do not panic if the baby wants to come early.

  • Medical records, Identification Papers: Keep a file ready with all your medical records, reports, IDs and photocopies etc.

  • Comfortable Clothes: A loose fitting Maxi or a nightgown is a good idea. Also, a dress to come back home in. Along with that carry flat slip-ons. They are easy to wear and you can walk comfortably.

  • Sanitary Pads: Keep a pack handy of your favourite brands.

  • Under Garments: Since the breast undergoes changes during this time, make sure you get a full support nursing bra, with sturdy straps.

  • Basic Toiletries: A moisturizer, shampoo, shower gel, lip balm, tooth brush, toothpaste, hair brush(I had forgotten it and had to deal with messy hair).

  • Massage Oil: A gentle massage will help relieve some pain, especially foot aches.

  • Woolen stole: If you are in the mood for a walk, a woolen stole will keep you warm.

  • Electronics: Phone charger, a power bank(with limited power points, you might have to wait for your turn to charge), camera, camera charger, memory card etc.

  • Feeding Cape: You want some privacy when you are breastfeeding, it’s when a cape comes in handy.


How To Pack For The Newborn


Newborns have very delicate skin

Newborns have very delicate skin


Now when your bag is ready, you need to pack for the new baby’s arrival too.

  • Blanket: A soft blanket to cover the baby and a cotton sheet(preferably malmal/muslin) to wrap him in.

    Wrap them in warm clothing

    Wrap them in warm clothing


  • Caps, Socks, Mittens and Warm Clothing: Once the baby is out of the warmth of the womb, he will need soft caps(to cover his hairless scalp) and socks to keep his feet warm. Onesies are a good idea as the snap buttons make it easier to change diapers and clothes.

  • Diapers: Get a big pack of infant diapers along with a changing mat. But if you much rather use cotton nappies, carry a lot as infants urinate frequently. You can either get them made from muslin cloth(make sure to wash them first to make them softer) or you can buy ready made ones(wash them too).

  • Baby toiletries: Talcum powder, baby wipes(make sure you get the alcohol-free ones), Baby Bath Soap or Gel and a soft towel.

  • Feeding Essentials: An infant-feeding bottle(pack at least two bottle cleaning brush, small pack of cleansing liquid, a thermos, Formula milk pack(consult your doctor regarding this) and bibs.

    Enjoy the bliss of motherhood

    Enjoy the bliss of motherhood


Hope we have prepped you enough for this new inning. But remember, mothers have very strong instincts. Do what YOU think is best for the baby. Enjoy the beautiful moments of motherhood with your little bundle of joy.


Wish you all the luck!

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