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Book Review: Harappa-Curse Of The Blood River

How the people who don’t have things. Usually understand them better than the ones who do. It’s not easy to write a book, also with a zeal to touch the souls of the readers, making it unforgettable, impart an everlasting eternal impact of wisdom. Keeping this basic fact in mind, the book has been penned elegantly, that even the best of the readers would fall short to describe the profound love & happiness, immense joy, wisdom that can’t be merely described with words, knowledge – the depth of which that has been forgotten by the very history that has given birth to many legends. This book takes you across the journey of lands, 3 stories running in parallel with each other, intended to bring out the curiosity of the readers seeking embellishment, seeking peace with each page sharing some information or the other.


The cover has been designed so well that describing it merely in the form of words wouldn’t suffice. The dark blue clouds depict the harbinger of ominous signs of destruction that lurks around as a warning to those who have committed atrocious crimes that couldn’t be uttered via mere tongue of people. The archaic pictorial representation of temples behest the Vedic knowledge & occurrence of divinity, copious blessings when the deity or god himself resides in divine place to shower blessings, to persuade man to walk in the path of righteousness, to show mankind the path they must cherish, they must choose in order to attain salvation, to seek god that lies within us & the progenitor who has created us for a specific purpose on earth. The red clouds represent the dawn which means a new beginning, a change, a hope for mankind to survive, fight, struggle yet live on, move on with their lives despite all the hardships they have endured so far.


The title is something interesting, unique & time immemorial. As it suggests, it’s the story of the forgotten city lying in the depths of mankind, which has preposterously been removed from the face of the earth, for mankind to never uncover this secret. Specifically done so that Indians would never know the true worth of Harappa, their ancestors, the greatness & the immense power, talent, knowledge that lies within them. It has also been done to kept Indians in the dark undermining the worth so that the westerners would bind them as slaves forever, to establish their superiority over one another.


Story consists of many characters, I won’t disclose it but rather I’ll discuss some of the prominent characters & fact that turned this small book into a great legacy of its own. This book isn’t just a mere book, but feels like a Hollywood movie so surreal & deep, that it could be understood only if a person seeks to unlock the greatness, the depth of Harrapan civilizations, Hindu religion (which in fact isn’t a religion but faith, belief, freedom), the vast Sanathan Dharma & many more aspects of curiosity. The dark secrets which can succumb the entire mankind to a dark age, the conspiracy, the theory of foolishness, the power of evil over the good, the legends of ‘Saptarishis’ (the seven great sages of Hindu legends believed to be the progenitor, the very beginning of the celestial universe & multiverses), their legacy, their wrath, the dominance of truth over everything has been promptly illustrated in the book.


A soul that stands alone in the darkness. The soul of an unspeakable warrior ‘Vivasvan,’ the might & likes of which none have ever seen before. A true ‘Devta,’ a divine birth, a divine karma, a god, a celestial being, born with divine legacy, only to be shackled by fame, destiny, conspiracies of despicable envious evildoers. His mighty did nothing but fly in complete darkness. Scared of the dark and searching for light, it flew on… When the soul found a karmic connection, it took rebirth to rise, to manifest itself into a warrior again named ‘Vidyut,’ an individual with godlike abilities, success & enchantment attained wherever he went without much efforts. A story of true love, karma, conspiracy, mystery and so on…, that would keep you baffled.


Even after living a long time in darkness, Vivasvan (the central character as depicted in the anciently god city of Harappa) perceived a light too faint for the eyes to see. He doesn’t recall when he learned that the light radiated from human beings. It shines brightest, like a brilliant flower of light, just before they die. But there are a few who shine just as bright while they’re alive, these lights are extremely unstable…, aggressive, and tinged with sad colors. Knowingly or unknowingly, people are attracted to this light, like souls seeking to reach the greater flame (the paramatma himself) from which the universe & all creation began. But once any human meet such a person, he could never live in darkness again.


The great conflicts of the past with the sacrifice of many nameless warriors & soldiers, the protracted war finally came to a close. In its wake, it left behind legends, stories of great heroes to be told & retold for generations to come. Legends such as the battle of the son of Vivasvan, that day two heroes were born in India, each with their own powers, one found his name engraved in the memorial stone as ‘Manu’ & the other became to be known as the ‘Vivasvan.’


In the world of warriors, it’s not how you live it’s how you die. A warrior’s life is not measured by how they live, but rather its measured by what they manage to accomplish before their death.


At least that’s how it was supposed to go. The great lord elder prophesized that a hero, a savior, a messiah would come, he would be the one to guide a revolution, a person who would make a great choice, that would bring either peace or destruction to the world engulfed in chaos & suffering everywhere. A real warrior is the one who endures no matter what gets thrown at him. He never abandons his family nor friends, never going back on your word no matter what, never giving up despite what the odds maybe, whether situation if favorable or not. The hero was none other than ‘Vidyut.’


A tale of love, romance, lies, deceit, plot, conspiracy and much more. The distinguishable fact of the book is the connection it establishes with the western countries such as Rome & Constantinople where the entire world plots trench against India, mostly Harappa causing it to vanish from the pages of history as mere rubbles in the dirt. The assassins sent to annihilate the chosen last ‘Devta’ in an attempt of assassination adds to the story further. The endless wait of the messiah who would arrive on the brink of sins, saving the planet from total extinction, saving humanity from the clutches of evil is worth commending upon.


The book will make you believe in gods, cosmos, constellations, astrological impacts, zodiac signs, ghosts, spirits, mystical beings, celestial beings, devtas, demons, angels and much more.


Each & every aspect & elements described in the book is defined in the extreme detail, the amount of research done is amazing truly commending upon. This is something difficult yet the author has accomplished this in a really fabulous way enticing the readers to ponder more & more. Every bit of fiction is realistic & in concurrence with the despicable event of the past.


The language is amazing, with both Mesopotamian, Shakespearean language, ancient & contemporary English chosen to enlighten the minds of the readers of all the generating is worth appraisal.


The stunning fact of the book is the narration used which in turn forges this book into a seeking marvelous masterpiece is something very few have done successfully in the writing field.


This book is a must buy, a must read, life-changing, inspiring, motivating. Waiting for the sequel anxiously!

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