hair care in holi, bananivissta

How To Take Care Of Your Skin and Hair After Holi?

Steps one should take while playing Holi this season

Holi is just a few days away and if you are worried about not having fun because the merrymaking will play havoc on your skin, fear not, for as long as you have taken steps to keep your skin damage-free, you can play with colours.

Apply mustard oil on face, neck, ears hands and legs a day before Holi. The colour can be removed from the skin easily by doing this. To keep your skin safe from colours, try wearing clothes which cover the whole of your body to minimise the extent of direct exposure to gulal.

While Holi colours affect people differently depending on their skin type, there is no denying that they generally strip the skin off moisture and in severe cases, could lead to breakouts as well. You need to pay serious attention to repairing the damage after Holi.

hair care in holi, bananivissta

If you have applied any makeup, remove it with a makeup remover first. Then use a mild cleanser with lukewarm water to wash off the colour. Do not rub vigorously as you would be scraping off the skin of its protective layer.Never ever try to get the entire colour off in a day.

Most people don’t realize the importance of regularly moisturizing the skin. The drier your skin is, the more susceptible it will be to damage from chemical colours.

If you have dry skin, the chemical colours can make it even dryer. Ensure to keep your skin moisturised well before Holi. During this time, several spas bring out moisturising sessions for your skin. Indulging in them will be a good idea.

hair care in holi, bananivissta

Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse your body and face. A gel-based cleanser or a shower gel is ideal because it is gentle on the skin but don’t rub it hard – this will cause trauma to the epidermal layer.

A night-time skincare routine is, in any case, important, but it becomes even more critical to repair the damage done by Holi. After washing your face or taking a bath in the night, apply a Vitamin -C based repair cream or serum to nourish your skin. If you use facial oils, it is even better.

There are several skin clarifying treatments that also help in getting the colour off without damaging the skin. A clean-up facial along with the clarifying facial will make you good as new.

Organic peels – that tap into the goodness of naturally occurring skin-friendly nutrients are really good. Vitamin C peel to get the glow back, mango pulp peel to exfoliate gently and papaya and pumpkin peels to cleanse and nourish are great. But make sure you get these done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist.

Another treatment that is really good especially for cleaning up the skin after Holi is the Carbon Peel. It is a popular treatment in the West and because it gives an instant glow to the skin, it is ideal to take this treatment after Holi. In this treatment, which is a specialized dermatological procedure, carbon is applied to the skin. After that, a gentle laser is applied, which bursts these carbon particles, gently peeling the skin’s outermost layer. This not only removes pigmentation and blemishes but also bleaches the fine hair to reveal glowing skin instantly.

But since this is a specialized medical facial treatment, make sure it is administered by a qualified dermatologist. Do follow it up after two months for the maximum benefits.

Armed with this knowledge, you can indulge in the festival of colours, and also have your skin restored to its glory after the merry making! Have a colourful Holi!

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