GOODBYE TO STRESSFUL LIFESTYLE by Geeta Yadav (Winner of WORDS contest)

Stress means more work, less time and low energy levels. Stress is the creation of the monkey mind as it tosses ideas, ambitions and other numerous thoughts at all times. The mind also seems to know a bit of witchcraft as it magically churns up the past or plunges us into anxiety of the unknown future.  We become slaves of the oscillating mind, stress out as work piles up and the sands of time sneer at us. The work schedule gives tension and loved ones crave for attention. We are torn between the heart and the mind as both push us on different lines. How we wish to tame the monkey mind and smile with a sparkle in our eyes? If we could add a few more hours to each day then we would easily get rid of time constraints.


Let’s empower ourselves to pen down our own success story and say goodbye to stressful lifestyle.



First, let’s create some more time with meditation. Yes! All we have to do is invest 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening to meditate. Meditation is sehaj or effortless. It happens with practice. It helps us to sleep well so half the battle is won when our mind is rested. With regular practice, peace prevails as the chatter in the mind reduces and slowly disappears. Energy levels increase as there is no stress to deplete the same. Meditation also results in better focus and concentration at whatever we do.



Yep! Yoga enhances energy levels and also calms the mind. Every inhalation energizes our body and every exhalation relaxes our body. After practicing yoga one feels up and about to undertake all responsibilities with gusto and zeal. A calm mind and great energy levels mean speed and no exhaustion.



Now after being peaceful and energetic with regular yoga and meditation, one must tune in to listen to some songs or instrumental music. Music silences the mind and is believed to calm tired nerves and give a sense of relief. Sing to revive the magic of musical gatherings and the childhood fun in clapping.



Books are the best friends that give quiet company. Any book makes us leave our existing turmoil as we get busy with the plot and befriend the characters. Some books make us fall in love and some help us to be out of love. Books engross the monkey mind. With every book we travel to new places, experience varied traditions and cultures, tackle fictitious foes and enjoy an overall great experience.



We are energized with positive vibes when we dance. Put on some music, now sway and swirl like a sufi saint. Yes, dancing de-stresses the mind and helps us to rejuvenate and unwind. We can dance our blues away and make room for joy to prevail.



Selfless service is a great stress buster as it shows us that we need to be thankful for all that we have. Let’s reach out to those who are unprivileged. Let’s count our blessings to realise the abundance of love and care when we move out to those who live in lack and despair. Helping others is a social responsibility. Giving always helps us to live with gratitude and keeps us away from greed that brings in stress and conflict.



One must befriend the present moment to say adieu to stress and experience the power of now. The past is finished and gone. The future is yet to come. We have control only on the present moment. The power of now is what we need to realize with yoga, meditation, music and dancing in our life.


Let’s understand that the all above are entwined to help us realize that stress is just a state of the muddled mind. We can overpower stress in a jiffy with sadhana, satsang and seva in our daily kitty.

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