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Girls groped, abused and molested by Thugs- Bangalore’s New Year Celebration

Happy New Year– The words in itself carry a lot of celebrations and festivities with itself, such a mood booster! That time of the year when thoughts of meeting families and friends, buying gifts, attending parties, stuffing oneself with delicacies overpowers the thoughts of meeting deadlines, project deliverables, and meetings. Well if you are thinking on the same line as me then I am sorry to say that Friend, this is an old thought now! New Year these days are not meant to be happy for us, women folk and a word of caution.  If you were planning to enthrall yourself in the encompassing parties wearing that pretty short red dress of yours, then just dispose of that idea because the government believes that short dresses will call in for “such things” to happen in our society. Well, I suppose what government is trying to prove is that “progressive” men are weak enough to refrain and curb their desires when they see a woman in a short dress which ultimately makes them pounce and attack the effeminate. It perturbs and unnerves me to think what if someone molests me when I return from work? I can’t even half imagine what the women who were harassed are going through!


Yesterday morning I read about the mass molestation in Bangalore and then the video of the girl being accosted and abused as she walked up to her home. I felt awful and ashamed. What are these men made up of? Do they have a heart? Do they understand what it is like to be groped? What if girls start grabbing their crotch and punch it? It certainly makes me ponder over the thought that Indian parents aren’t raising their sons right and it’s endangering us! While the world celebrated the advent of the New Year, the women of our society welcomed 2017 wearing the shackles of gender inequality, unjust chaotic society, and inhumane system.



New Year Celebration turns out a nightmare


What perplexes me more, are the disgraceful responses from politicians over the whole episode. Karnataka’s home minister accursed the attack on the women’s “western dressing” while the MLA from one of the other political parties pitched in – if women wear short dresses and venture out without male family members, such incidents are bound to happen. It’s astonishing to see how the blame has been swiftly nudged towards the women race! This simply strengthens the guts of all the men who took part in molesting the girls and also the ones who repented being not a part of this molesters group! Given this as an excuse which marred the dignity of women celebrating on New Year’s Eve, I wonder how much molestation were noted in ancient times when clothing was the bare minimum. While we ensemble the divinity of a mother, we can also wear the cape of Kali to reclaim the rights that the society has, over the centuries, deprived us of.  To all men who made this New Year eve a nightmare for women in Bangalore, you have shamed your mother’s womb, their trust and teachings, you have shamed yourself!

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