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6 Feet Ganapati Idol Sculpted With Automobile Scraps by Nishant Sudhakaran!

Nishant Sculpts a Masterpiece for Ganpati Festival, this Year 


Nishant Sudhakaran, Founder at Leo Enterprises is an ace sculptor and has surpassed all imaginative goals to create a six foot Ganesha idol with automobile scraps. He is a firm believer in Lord Ganesha and believes his new born baby girl is an answer to his prayers to Ganpati.

Nishant is an ardent artist and art became a full-time profession when he realized that passion and commitment were enough to translate his vision and ideas into inspiring pieces, beyond receiving an educational degree in the field.

Ganpati by Nilesh Sudhakaran

Ganpati by Nilesh Sudhakaran


He couldn’t resist when a client approached Sudhakaran, the sculpture specialist and as a mark to express his love towards the Divine accepted the opportunity.

Working tirelessly, Nishant completed the incredible piece within a month which generally requires a commitment of nearly 60-70 days. He kept motivating himself along with his team and says, “Ganpati Bappa removes all obstacles.”

Ganpati - Work in Progress

Ganpati – Work in Progress


The challenge in making the sculpture was finding the right automobile parts that could fit in like a jigsaw puzzle. Those thick sized, heavy automobile parts need to undergo hammering and bending in order to get into the desired shape of the body.

Sourcing flat parts from various vendors was a great help in accomplishing the work within the given timeframe. The result was a 6 feet tall Chaar Bhuja Dhaari Vighnaharta” sculpture made purely from various automobile scrap parts.

This Ganpati Idol has been made from over 900 KGs of Ford car parts like disk brakes, fenders, clutch plates, flat gears, shaft gears, spark plugs, connecting rods, automobile chains, crank shafts just to name a few. These parts are almost 10 to 15 mm in thickness which was bent & welded together and meticulously shaped to make it a complete metal sculpture. Even minute details have been taken care of during the manufacture of this huge idol.

Ganapati made by automobile parts.

Ganapati made by automobile parts.


The Mooshak (Rat/ Udir Mama) is made from gears, nuts, bolts fixed with a piston block and a wrought iron tail. This project was executed for Ford Motors in association with Madhvi Pittie (Co- Founder at WorkshopQ).

The incredible piece can be appreciated at the Oberoi Mall (Goregaon, Mumbai) displayed for three days. This is the way how Nishant has showed his love and devotion towards the Divine-a creative way to recycle and produce something new, classic and enduring. Sudhakaran is looking forward to exploring and customizing for clients across the world.

Let us know your ways of celebrating Ganapati, this year!

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