FOOD by Sana Shekh (Judge’s Choice of WORDS Contest)!

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

This quote of Mahatma Gandhi explains about the most common, yet so uncommon thing i.e. FOOD.


FOOD is considered to be one the basic amenities of life, but it is actually so basic that it is available for everyone? In today’s world of instant and fast foods, we have involved ourselves in all these so much that we have forgotten that there exists one more group of people who struggle for two square meal a day.


‘STATUS’ is what people run behind nowadays.

‘So how is the party? Are you enjoying it? We have 250+ varieties of cuisine available. Hope you like it.’ This is one of the most common statements that we hear in lavish parties where people compete with each other in terms of the number of food items in the function. And what is the result? The people in these parties are busy clicking pictures and most of the dishes just go unnoticed and are wasted. But who cares? STATUS is more important.


The problem with us is that we take things for granted. The food which we get so easily is actually a blessing. We do not value it because we have not earned it. Ask a person who works the whole day and just manages to eat bare minimum food at the end of the day and sometimes not even that. Ask those children who, at a very tender age, have to earn for themselves and their families. Then you will realize that FOOD is a blessing.


‘Oh mom again chapattis, not again please. Why don’t you cook something better for us?’ Apart from taking things for granted, we are never satisfied. This is because we have started giving more value to the taste buds than food. Over the time, preferences have changed and so is the taste of people for food. 2 minute Maggie noodles and cold drinks have overshadowed the rice and juices. Yeah, we are becoming modern.


Some live to eat food and others eat merely to live. If the amount of food produced in our country is equally distributed then it will not only feed many people but also curb crimes which are committed just to fill the bellies.


Everything that we do from childhood, be it schooling, higher study, job… it is all because we can earn and that too basically to first fill our stomachs. So we need to realize the importance of food. We must make the required amount and if in excess, it must be distributed to the ones who are needy. Even the government should take action against the people who are found wasting food and must also start easily reachable help lines which can provide such services. This will not only prevent the wastage of food but will also reduce poverty to quite an extent.


Food – although the best part about life must not be taken for granted. And next time, if you think of dropping a plate down in any party, think of the little child with gazing eyes begging for food. Then you will realize FOOD is not merely eating but living.

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