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A Tete-A-Tete With Chef Aniket Das – Chief Executive Chef Of Aloft Cessna Business Park

Some Amazing Stories of Chef Aniket Das


Chef Aniket Das is currently working as an Executive Chef for Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park. He has a total of 11 years of experience in food industry in hotels such as Fairfield by Marriott, Rajajinagar Bengaluru, Spice Kitchen JW Marriott (Mumbai), San-Qi at Four Seasons (Mumbai), Spice Kitchen at JW Marriott Pune and Move N Pick(Qatar).


On the personal front, he is cheerful and has a great sense of humour. Read more about him in this interview with BananiVista.


BananiVista, food

Chef Aniket


BV: What inspired to be a chef? Would you take us through your typical day?

Chef Aniket: While growing up, I had always seen my father cooking and creating new dishes for the family. I believe I get my passion for food from him. I knew quite early in my life, that I wanted to be like him and pursue professional cooking hence becoming a chef.


BV: What do you love the most about your job?

Chef Aniket: My cooking brings a smile on our guest’s faces and that satisfies my soul, it is also the best part of being a chef.


BV: What are the trademarks of your cooking?

Chef Aniket: I believe a lot of my cooking is inspired by my roots.


BananiVista, food

Chef at work

BV: What difficulties have you encountered in your culinary journey and how you have overcome?


Chef Aniket: The kitchen’s operations for any hotel is a high tension area where we constantly seek for perfection with immense hard work but being a leader, I try to make the zone a fun place to be for me and my team. I make sure they look forward to the next day with a positive attitude which in turn reflects in the productively and guest feedback at the hotel.



BV: Do you constantly find it a challenge to constantly innovate?

Chef Aniket: Innovation sure keeps me on my toes and challenges me to cook and create new dishes



BV: Which cuisine do you find the most exciting?

Chef Aniket: I am a person who believes in basics and authenticity and most of my cuisines are inspired by them, but just with a little bit of a modern twist, which keeps it exciting.


BananiVista, food

BV: What are your thoughts on local produce being used in each restaurant and does this have an impact on the menu?

Chef Aniket: We at Aloft believe in going local and as a matter of fact, aloft of our ingredients and herbs such as basil, lemongrass, chilli’s are grown in-house to spice the dishes up at Nook, our all-day multi-cuisine restaurant.

BV: Who in the food world you admire the most and why?

Chef Aniket: The one and only Anthony Bourdain. His love for fine food and his openness to new ideas are qualities are always admired and looked up to.


BV: What would be the best cooking tip for a novice just getting into the business?

Chef Aniket: Make sure to get the basics strong and right.



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